How To Backside 180 On A Snowboard

Backside 180s are another iconic trick which can be seen in many a video part from the start of snowboarding to now. A Backside spin is when you approach a jump your normal way and spin so your back is facing forward during the first 90 degrees of the spin. They can be a little […]

Basketball Dribbling Tips & Tricks : How to Do a Hockey Dribble in Basketball

Now let’s talk about something that’s called the hockey dribble. Some people might call it something else, but that’s what we call it. What it is is basically you’re going to be coming down and you’re going to give a fake with your head and your shoulder. If you’re right handed, your left leg is […]

How To 360 With Grabs On A Snowboard

Doing a 360 with a grab looks awesome and feels awesome! Adding a grab usually makes a 360 look more stylish and controlled. It ties a connection between your upper and lower body so that everything rotates together at the same time. Take a grab you like to do with 180s, then try to add […]

How To Frontside & Cab 180 On A Snowboard

Frontside and Switch Frontside 180’s, also known as Cab 180’s or Half cabs, are often the first spin people learn because you don’t need to turn your head to do it. Frontside is when you spin so your chest or your Frontside is facing forwards during the first 90 degrees of the spin. Stand on […]

Golf Tips : How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball

Being able to successfully use spin while in your golf game, is a very crucial factor. My name is Jared Garbett, and I’m with Echo Farms Golf and Country Club, and today I’m going to teach you how to put spin on a golf ball. You generally want to put spin on a golf ball […]

How To Play Table Tennis – Backhand Drive

Hey, I’m Georgina Pota and I will show you the Backhand drive Like the Forehand Drive, back hand drives are no longer have the importance and role they once did However, they remain the irreplaceable basics for the players development The drive is a great starting point for a new player to learn the anatomic […]

How to do Off Spin |How to spin tennis ball | Bowling Technique | cricket |

So hi friends , welcome to my channel so today I will tell you about how to do off spin so lets start and friends in this video I will also tell you about how to grip the ball for off-spin and you must have heard that when you are bowling off-spin your hand must […]

HOW TO REMOVE YOUR BEARINGS- Inline Skating tutorial #3

fast tutorial today I’ll show you how to remove aberrant she professed and very easily you will underneath the allen wrench that comes with escape or an allen wrench with a bearing remover let’s start with the classic way with the allen wrench becomes the first case this one can be a little tricky at […]

Golf Club Review | Nike Sumo Squared Hybrid

Nice shot Shane. Thanks then. Welcome. Hi there. Welcome to Doc’s Dawn Raid with Golfbidder. Nike has been trying the Nike Squared hybrid for us. Shane, tell us what you think about this baby. I think it’s actually very forgiving. It inspires confidence when standing over the ball. I like the ball flight that I […]

The Earth’s Spin Is Slowing Down! What Happens If It Stops?

No matter what happens, we can rest easy knowing that tomorrow is a new day! But that might not be something we’ll be able to say in billions of years. The Earth’s spin is slowing down. Eventually, days will get longer, and when they do, the lack of daily dawn could be the least of […]