Cooler Heads with James Franco

Hans Zimmer Revealed – The Documentary

A guy from Germany who stubbornly wanted to play music… Hans Zimmer is a crazy genius. He’s just one of nicest people I’ve ever met and a great film composer ! …Never thought about a career, never written a note of music for money… I don’t think of few words to define Hans the way […]

Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

[MUSIC PLAYING] POLICE RADIO: All units, all units, 1010S at 36 and Park. Repeat, all units be advised. Shots fired at Fisk Towers. [MUSIC PLAYING] SPIDER-MAN: Yuri, I’m here. YURI: What do you see? DEMON: Find the rest. Boss wants them dead. SPIDER-MAN: Looks like the Demons are moving in on Fisk’s territory. YURI: You […]