Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 7: Pasatiempo Golf Club

Trying to be Texan You can miss right off the tee all day… left is always dead Didn’t you put the left miss into play a couple days ago How many times does he get this up and down out of ten? I’m gonna go with a one Oh my goodness, great shot! Very tight, […]

Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 6, Elie

Excuse me. How do we get to Elie? Oh. Crack on! All right. Greetings. You know me, Tron Carter. Been keeping a low profile this season so far but I’m here to talk to you about Elie. We had some trouble figuring out how we wanted to showcase it. I could sit here for 20 […]

Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 10, Nairn Golf Club

(background conversation) “Talk to me about Nairn” Nairnia. It’s a grower. Nairn is definitely a grower. It’s simple. I don’t know if that sounds like I’m saying it’s a bad thing but it’s just very straightforward. So Sharpie, Sharpie’s like a long-lost friend that you need you never knew you had–really genuine hospitality, cares deeply […]

Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 8: Stanford Golf Club

Piecing together Ricky outfit how to be like, what are you doing home easier just like to buy the Ricki outfit. This is how It’s not bad How many times does he get this up and down out of 10? I’m gonna go with one But you never Know. Oh my goodness. Great shot! Very […]

Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 7, Cruden Bay

You’re gonna park in Captain’s spot? I am the Captain now. Would’ve loved to spend some more time in St. Andrews but we wanted to cover a lot of ground on this trip and we headed north and Along the coast through the Aberdeen area and the first course we hit in that area of […]

Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 4, The Old Course at St. Andrews

“You guys think you’re gonna get on or what?” “Yeah we hope. I mean we got here at, I don’t know 3 a.m.?” “That’s bad or sick. I don’t know which one.” SOLY: Bobby Jones once said if you’ve played less than 10 rounds at The Old Course and you claim to like it you’re […]

Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 9: TPC Harding Park

Alright, I don’t know if that’s a good break or bad. Can we roll all the clips we have of him How many times does he get this up, and down out of ten? Im gonna go with one oh my goodness, great shot! Very tight tight, tight piece of property We’re making it work. […]