surfing and snowboarding in Greece: A GREAT GREEK ADVENTURE

A snowboard and surf trip to Greece has been on my mind for a couple of years. And with the worst winter to hit the Alps in decades and the record snowfall in Greece in Januray, … … the decision to leave Switzerland was easy. My relationship with Greece began in the early 80ies, … […]

The Snowboarding Family: Legacy documentary

Dieter was a DIY guy as long as I can remember He started snowboarding in the 80ies at this time he was already over 40 years old and also at age 75, he’s still riding if needed he takes his 75 years old car to get to the mountains the best thing about snowboarding for […]

How To Ollie On A Snowboard

An Ollie is the action of using your board to spring yourself off the ground The Ollie is one of the most important tricks in snowboarding, you will use them everywhere! To initiate the Ollie, start by bending your knees and applying a little pressure to your front foot. Slide your board forwards underneath you […]

Livigno 2018 Snowboarding with friends || Carosello & Mottolino Shredding || GoPro Session 5

#oh sweet jesus #it’s all about the speed, remember! #ha! almost got him #she’s so fuckin’ fast, right? #I saw you shredding fuuuck, like fuckin’ nuts #yup 😀 #fuck, I don’t even have strenght to keep my balance on a board #I see it clears up there, we’ll go over this cloud, and it will […]

Snowboarding Tips : Balance on a Snowboard

One of the most important things in snowboarding is your balance. You need to be able to control your balance and know where you want to put it. If you want all your balance on your heel or on your toes or on your nose or where ever you want your balance to be. You’ve […]

How To Crail and Seatbelt On A Snowboard

Crails and Seatbelt grabs are an awesome way to get away from stock grabs and add a little bit more style into your riding. They’re grabbed in the same place as a Nose and Tail except with the opposite hand. So as you can imagine they take a bit of flexibility and technique. A great […]

How Chloe Kim Made The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Halfpipe Snowboard Team

Announcer: “You know we never had any doubts that she would be the top one going in” Dew Tour was so much fun I was definitely very excited to come back and it went very well I landed a good run and I was able to win my first-ever Dew Tour. Even when I landed […]

How to Put on Your Snowboard || REI

hi I’m Amy Gann with the American Association of snowboard instructors or here with REI and this is how to put on your snowboard the first part of getting our snowboard on is making sure our boots are on correctly first thing you can do to set your day off right it’s making sure that […]

How To Wildcat On A Snowboard

A wildcat is the safest and easiest way to learn backflips on snowboard. It’s also easier to execute on small features. A trampoline will help you to get the feeling of a wildcat style flip and spotting your landing while upside down. It also helps you understand how extending and tucking the body can slow […]