How to Train Your Dragon – Dragon-Viking Games: Snowboarding (extended version)

Sometimes in sports, necessity is the mother of invention. Such is the case with Viking snowboarding. Everything we know and love about this sport was invented on this fateful day. – First came the halfpipe. – Yeah! Then, the rail grind. Followed by the admiring snow bunnies. Yes! And last but not least, the wipeout.

Learn Advance Snowboard Carving: Surfer Turns Grab Carves

Surfer Turns and Carve Grab Turns! When we start Carving Our back foot is following the exact path as our front foot! I’ve given some drills like The Circle Drill to help you start carving but now we’re we’re moving on up to Rider L2 and we’re picking up two L3 Ripper, we want to […]

Ski Snowboard with an Airstream caravan in the French Alps [CC]

[wind noise] Hello and welcome to Les Arcs in the French Alps [music] (I’m) trying to hold this camera steady while we’re going up a chairlift and it’s not always easy. Currently on my first snowboarding for many years since my knee injury that I did kite surfing. So a little bit nervous but to […]

The BEST GoPro Settings for Skiing and Snowboarding – Hero 7 and Hero 6

Hey everybody, this video is about the GoPro settings for skiing and snowboarding. In this video I will show you which settings I use and I will explain why. I will talk mainly about the settings for the GoPro Hero 7 Black and the Hero 6 but even if you own another version I am […]

How To Frontside 540 On A Snowboard

A frontside 540 is done by completing a front three with enough time left in the air to add an extra 180. The last part of this trick feels like a frontside 180. So practice your front 3’s and front ones, until you’re confident enough to combine them. Approach with a toe edge set up […]


Our first day in Australia… It’s pretty cold here. Around 10° C. But anyway – it’s winter here. We’ll ride this wheel now. We’re about to buy a ticket now. Let’s check the prices… I just bought a kid’s-ticket. She believed me that I’m under 14 years old. So that means I look like 14 […]

North Korea; Off-Piste | 4K Snowboarding in the Secret State

My name’s Jamie Barrow and i’m Britain’s fastest snowboarder. We’re here in the beautiful Beijing on the Great Wall of China, and tomorrow, thanks to Uri Tours, we have been given special permision to film and snowboard within the most secretive country in the world… North Korea. I’m always looking for exciting new projects, and […]

From Career Threatening Injury at 18 to Snowboard Olympic Champion at 22 | Against All Odds

Snowboard cross isn’t just a sport for me. It’s much more. It’s my life. The Olympic final is go. Look at that, Michela Moioli’s made great progress. Oh, the edge is touched. What happened to Michela Moioli on that last jump? But that wasn’t the end. For me it was just the beginning. OLYMPIC CHANNEL […]

Burton Whammy Bar Snowboard

Big L rest in peace, diggin’ in the crates, y’all! What’s up – this is Matt Guf, this is The House Snowboard Shop, and this is a Burton Whammy Bar. Which is kind of interesting they named it the Whammy Bar, because there’s a bunch of vinyl records. Every time I see vinyl records I […]