How To Frontside 540 On A Snowboard

A frontside 540 is done by completing a front three with enough time left in the air to add an extra 180. The last part of this trick feels like a frontside 180. So practice your front 3’s and front ones, until you’re confident enough to combine them. Approach with a toe edge set up […]

Learn To Ride (Goofy) On A Snowboard

Seeking the fall line Seeking the fall line is where we rotate our board, turning it into a downhill motion. Think of your front leg as a joystick and point it where you want to go. Move it forward towards the nose and over your toe edge. This twists the board and creates rotation in […]

How To Backside 360 On A Snowboard (Goofy)

Backside Find a side hit that forces you to approach on your toe edge or drop from the opposite side at the bottom of the pipe. Do a straight air first and make sure to use your legs to pop, getting at least a foot from the ground. Hike back up and do a backside […]

Ideal Turns & Filming On A Snowboard

The improve your riding tutorials are all related to body position. If you can get your body position correct, you’ll snowboard way better! You’re gonna feel more comfortable riding at speed, jumping and hitting all types of features. Ideal intermediate turns on a snowboard should look like this. Each turn has a smooth, consistent radius […]

How To Handplant On A Snowboard (Regular)

The Squirt Strap in to your snowboard on a flat area. Get low, and shift to your tail. Place both hands in the snow and extend your back leg. This will squirt the board out from underneath you and create your pop. Your board should spring from the ground and land sticking upright, then roll […]

How To Ride Powder On A Snowboard

Powder Landings: Landing in powder is actually much harder then landing on park jumps but it feels rad when you stomp and it’s pretty soft which provides a forgiving way to try new tricks. While in the air your position should be exactly the same as hitting a park jump then just as you land, […]

How to snowboard for beginners lessons 1 to 3 video – goofy – SnowboardABC

Hi, my name is Gregory and probably you’re watching this video because you just typed how to snowboard into Google There are a few little-known exercises that not only allow beginners to learn Correctly and quickly they’re also used in our system to fix mistakes of intermediate riders Having correct technique early on is essential […]

How To Pop Off Jumps On A Snowboard

Once you’re comfortable coasting off jumps, you want to start getting a little more air so you can start doing tricks. There’s no point in learning tricks if you’re only a few inches off the ground, you just don’t have enough air time. That’s where popping comes in. Approach the jump with both legs bent, […]

How To High Press & Blunt Slide On A Snowboard

Step six, High Presses and Blunt Slides. The key to most buttering tricks is a solid pressed position over the tail or nose which can be held for a period of time. There are however certain buttering tricks that actually require lifting of your front foot for a short but very elevated press. While riding […]

How To Boardslide On A Snowboard (Goofy)

Backside Boardslides You can now use this shuffle technique to help with your first boardslides. A backside boardslide is where your board is facing downhill while sliding, like this. Start by 50-50ing most of the feature then shuffle into a boardslide for the second half. If the box is heading slightly downhill then make sure […]