Capitan Fischnaller e una squadra di fenomeni dello Snowboard alpino | FISI Official

I started to snowboard at 9. I had a lot of role models. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of Martin Frenademetz and Sigi Grabner I have given my all to try and become like them; a professional snowboarder Things all started a good few years ago now, it was the ’99 season, and […]

Ski & Snowboard Park Contest – Red Bull Innsnowation 2013 Italy

Red Bull Innsnowation is a competition tour. Its motto is: design it, build it, ride it. Today is the final day! Today is the last step of the tour, here in Val Senales. This tour brought us to Chiesa Val Malenco’s Palù park, to trentino at the Monte Bondone and now we’re in the Alps […]

How to Snowboard : How to Hit a Jump in Snowboarding

Hi my name is Matt Vansteenis, and on behalf of Expert Village we are going to learn how to snowboard today, at Cannonsburg Ski Resort in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. So now after you have your linking turns down, and you have got a little bit of style down. Cranson, who has no style. You […]

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Self Document Your Snowboarding with Dan Brisse (Ep 15)

Hey what’s up? I’m Dan Brisse. I’m a GoPro Athlete and professional snowboarder. I like to use the Jaws: Flex Clamp and the Gooseneck when I’m filming in the streets or in the park. It’s really awesome, you can pretty much put it wherever you need to with the clamp here. And you can disconnect […]

Japow – A brothers’ snowboarding trip

Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait This is the movie. I wish I had made Unfortunately, this isn’t really the movie I made So let’s rewind a little bit and take it from the beginning This is my brother Alexis, and this is me For better or worse we’ve been riding together for the past 12 years Getting more and […]

How to Snowboard : Linking Turns on a Snowboard

In this segment, after you’ve learned your J-turns, we’re going to go ahead and put those two different turns together. And, that’s called linking your turns. Basically, you’re just going to want to do your J-turns with a small pause instead of a stop in between. And, that’s how you do a Link Turn.

Snowboarding | A Pure Michigan Winter

[music] I strap into a snowboard, I take a four minute lift ride up and you know I can go as fast or slow as I want down the hill, you know if I choose to go straight or take turns or hit a jump or whatever it really like painting you get to view […]

Online Snowboard Lesson: Dolphin Turns

Dolphin turns Now dolphin turns our called dolphin turns because it looks like a dolphin Jumping through the water and popping in and out and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. When we switch edges We pop from edge to edge. Making dolphin turns Will help you move fore and aft on your board […]

Snowboard Euro Surfer Carves Rider Rally

Welcome to the 2018 AASI Rider Rally! We Ripped A-Basin, Colorado for a week ! The snow was great considering it was May. There was a huge turnout with certified riders from all over the world! Team riders gave a good show sharing knowledge that we’ll bring back to our divisions & local resorts. Snowboarding […]