L’Hiver et le Hockey à Montréal

The winter in Monréal is something special, another universe The temperature reaches most of the time -30°C or worse And of course, you’ll be surrounded by snow When you add the humidity and the wind stroms, it can make you stay home A nice surprise : all the murals and paintings in Montréal Embellishing the […]

10 Tricks for Freeriding with Snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue | HOW TO XV

Today I’m gonna share with you a few tips and tricks that are going to make your life in the mountains a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable. Before strapping in or when hiking I really like to secure my gear so I use either an ice axe or ski poles and that way […]

CGRundertow SHAUN PALMER’S PRO SNOWBOARDER for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

With the success of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise, Activision was just finding any extreme sport, making a game, and having it star a big name from that sport. This is what caused the creation of Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder, a game that sounds like Tony Hawk Pro Skater on a mountain, and plays […]

How To Butter With Grabs On A Snowboard

Buttering Like A Boss. This series of buttering tutorials build on our Basics Of Buttering series, so make sure you’ve watched those tutorials first as it’s fundamental for the moves and techniques that we cover in these videos. While riding on your tail, experiment with grabbing your board. The easiest grab is a Tail Grab. […]


MERRY CHRISTMAS! We are finally in Big Bear So much snow received overnight and we made it to the first chair let’s goooooooo so much powder! Guys, you cant imagine there is so much new snow received its just a Very very Merry Christmas a fairytale Going up and you know we are so lucky […]

How To Frontside Blunt 270 With Snowboarder Dylan Thompson: The Trick ep. 4

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Trick here on Network A. Joining us today is Dylan Thompson. Dylan, good to have you here buddy. Pleasure to be here. Dylan has dropped some of the heaviest and scariest video parts to watch over the last couple years. What are you going to scare us […]

Learning Freeride Snowboards

Freeride boards. Now freeride boards are a little bit more asymmetrical whereas free style boards They’re twin tip a freeride board can be directional meaning bindings are set back or Asymmetrical the the sidecut doesn’t doesn’t start going back right up in the center It’s set back a little bit so an asymmetrical board can […]

Learn To Snowboard In Bumps or Moguls

Riding bumps! When we start getting off of the beginner hill and getting into more blue terrain we’re going to encounter Trails that haven’t been groomed and they might have little bumps on them Bumps occur on trails that have been groomed all the time because people start to turn in the same spot And […]

Snowboarding Without the Snow

(electronic music) – [Jason] Anything you can do on a snowboard, you can do on a mountainboard. (loud rocks) I love the feeling of being in nature and charging down the mountain. (intense drum music) I wanted to keep that feeling all year round, so we built what’s called a mountainboard. (electronic music) My name […]

Beginner Snowboard Rental Equipment

As a beginner I recommend that you rent your equipment first because you’re going to have professionals given you step-by-step Advice about your equipment. You can try it on see that it works, and it’s going to be specialized for your skill Buying your equipment can be very expensive so as a beginner you probably […]