The next generation of big air snowboarders

We are here in St. Morvitz on the Corvatz with five outstanding young men involved in the Next Generation Camp. Swiss coaches from the national teams are here as well. We have a three-kicker line, where the last one is a good step-over where you can try something out. I’m Simon Bürki. I’m 19 years […]

Youngest snowboarder in the world to ever land a double backflip, Eli Bouchard 8 years old..

My name is Eli Bouchard, I’m 8 years old I started snowboarding at 1 and a half We had a snow storm and Max kept the powder to put it in the landing so it does’nt hurt when I land Last week, I was trying to backflip I kept on falling, tried the double, and […]

Building a Snowboarder’s Dream, incl. Red Bull’s Uncorked

The following is a presentation of CBC Sports. They worked day and night. More than 260 hours of work. More than 600 centimetres of snow fell… and they built a rider’s dream. We CAN go fast, we CAN go high, we DO have power. But what’s the point, if there’s no individualism, no uniqueness, no […]