morning it is raining a lot I don’t know if we can hear me or not but let’s start from the beginning Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino and I´m wheel addict and let me see if I can show you I wanted to skate to the shop but right when I went outside […]

Anatomy of an Ice Hockey Player: the Strength and Recovery of Jenn Wakefield

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian… That’s it, come on! we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF AN ICE HOCKEY PLAYER) Ice hockey is a team game really like no other. They come onto the ice at 100%, they […]

Revisiting Old Skateboarding Games In 2019

(upbeat digital music) – [Tanner] This video was sponsored by Pixel Empire. If you’re trying to redecorate your room with high-quality pop culture and gaming-themed posters and art, check out the link in the description and use code RoboKast for 10% off your order. When I try to reminisce on all of the games that […]

HOW TO NEGATIVE ACID // aggressive inline skating grind tutorial

Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Ino and I’m a wheel addict today I’m going to teach you an avenue my favorite three color graphics game negative x so negative Estes has been my safe Street it’s kind of waiting for some people that’s a trick like negative asset it’s my sacred so if I […]


I don’t have keys black or purple swingy deco so windy Olá tube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict it’s try not to fall here it’s Saturday afternoon and I was kinda bored at home Janice was about to start dinner we have our niece at home so I just thought […]

Record Breaking Limbo Skater: 6-year-old Skates Under 39 Cars

COMM: Balanced just inches from the floor, this tiny six-year-old has taken the limbo skating world by storm. COMM: Now Gagan Satish, from Karnataka near Bangalore, is waiting to be confirmed the world’s best. COMM: Gagan took up the sport after his parents Hema and Rajanna Satish bought him a pair of skates for his […]

How to: Tie Your Child’s Skates | Source For Sports

If you’re a new hockey parent sometimes looking at a new skate can be a little bit intimidating, thinking you’re going to have to try and lace this onto your child’s foot. We’re going to try and make it real easy for ya with a simple step-by-step video. The first thing your gonna wanna make […]

3 wheels VS 4 wheels – inline skates experiment

Hi, I’m Asha, creator of the Skatefresh apps and examiner for ICP. Welcome to Northwest London! As many of you know, I’ve fallen in love with Triskates and I haven’t thought once about going back to my 4 wheels. The Triskates have larger wheels, they’re faster and agile and pure fun to skate. I received […]

Pro Skater John Rattray – Epicly Later’d – VICE

JOHN RATTRAY: Jump ramp, jumper clearing the tail. OK. That’s always fun. So I’m sorry, right there, fly bang move, and then– PATRICK O’DELL: What does it say on your shoes? JOHN RATTRAY: Oh, yeah, “the Earth died screaming while I was dreaming,” that’s Tom Waits. PATRICK O’DELL: Oh, OK. JOHN RATTRAY: I’ve been studying […]