Hockey-Obsessed Margot Robbie Is an Honorary Mighty Duck

Pepper vs Golf Club [Annoying Orange Foodsplosion #3]

-(announcer) It’s time for fun in slow motion. Get ready for… -(audience) Foodsplosion! -What up, fantastic fruity friends? Welcome to Foodsplosion, the game of smarts that’s toppin’ the charts! [laughs] Now, who’s our contestant? -(announcer) It’s… Pablo the Pepper! He’s a Virgo, likes long rolls on the beach, and can bench-press a stapler. -Yea-ho-ho! What’s […]

Subway Surfers The Animated Series – Episode 4 – Stain

Epic or Fail LIVE!

– Sometimes I come out here and I show you “Epic or Fail” videos. Usually they’re pretty good and they end really, really great, and sometimes they end with somebody’s pants splitting open. [audience laughter] You people are too smart to try anything like that, right? Wrong. [audience laughter] There are some people in the […]

Jimmy Had US Open Tennis Stars Secretly Slip Funny Words into Their Interviews

-Hey, guys, the U.S. Open tennis tournament is happening right now, and we wanted to do something fun with the players. So we gave a bunch of them weird phrases and asked them to sneak those phrases into their interviews as casually as possible. No one knew that we were doing this. They just would […]

[ENG SUB] Stray Kids EP5 – ‘Its Burning Time!’ Self-Pride Skating Relay!

(t/n look at how adorable seungmin is being my heart omfg) (deciding the team before the game) (Self-pride relay skating) (Hyunjin team – Felix, Chan, Seungmin VS Jisung team – Jeongin, Woojin, Changbin) (first the aces of the teams go) JI: (Jisung) hwaiting~~~! (t/n omfg what if Jisung’s stage name after they debut is […]