How to Swing Each Golf Club : Driver Golf Swing

Okay, the driver; it’s the club that causes a lot of people a lot of troubles. It’s the most powerful club in your bag. So I think the problem that most players have trying to hit the driver straight is they think, I’m going to kill the ball, so instead of saying, hey I need […]

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 3-Wood Golf Swing

We’re using a three-wood; you can see, it’s got about a fifteen degrees of loft on it. At the pro level the ball can be hit at 250 or 270. It can hit pretty far. Although, for the recreational player, the good local player and for the up and coming player; your goal should be […]

Super Mario Run | Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso & Juanpa Zurita

>>ANDREW: Hi mom!>>MOM: Hey John, uh…Andrew. Do your homework! I’m sick of the school [BLEEP] calling me.>>PEACH: Oh my God, here we go again.>>MARIO: This is getting so boring. Huh?>>MARIO: Same [BLEEP]. Same [BLEEP] every single day. >>PEACH: Of course, every single day.>>MARIO: Let me go deal with it. >>PEACH: Now you’re gonna go.>>PEACH: Now […]

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 1-Iron Golf Swing

Okay! This is your one iron. It is your steepest angle and it is only sixteen degrees loft; it’s the longest iron. Now most players don’t hit a one iron and not that many pro’s will even hit a two iron because there the less loft the more chance you have of slicing the ball […]

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 9-Iron Golf Swing

Okay in this segment we’re going to demonstrate the nine iron. The nine iron is still a, what’s called a short iron. It’s a forty-four degree loft. So you can see the club has a lot of loft on it, a lot of angle. So the purpose of this club is most players are going […]

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 4-Iron Golf Swing

Ok. Here is the four iron. You can see that the loft in the four iron is increasingly perpendicular to the ground. This is a twenty-four degree club. So, it will put some under spin on it. But, the four iron now you have to be careful. The longer the iron the more side spin […]

Using Baseball to Improve Your Golf Game : Which Golf Grip to Use?

In this segment, I’d like to go into detail as to whether you should use a varden grip, a ten finger grip, an interlock grip or a pure baseball grip. The first thing that I would recommend is that you try this with your grip. You try the waggle. If you do interlock, try the […]

Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Three Wood

Ok, we’re going to attempt to draw the three wood, so let’s say you’re teeing off with your three wood. I tee off with the three wood a lot, so do a lot of tour pros, because they hit the ball so long, they don’t always need the length of a driver, especially the risk […]

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 3-Iron Golf Swing

This is the three iron and this club as you can see, the clubs are getting increasingly perpendicular to the ground and closer to 0 degrees. This is 21 degrees and this club can hit the ball pretty far. It is a relatively long club so the longer the club, the harder it is for […]

How to Swing Each Golf Club : 8-Iron Golf Swing

Okay, this segment we’ve got the eight iron. This one is forty degrees. So you can still see that it’s quite lofted. So what the purpose of this club is for most players you’re going to be hitting it at about a hundred and thirty to about a hundred and sixty yards. Of course that’s […]