Volleyball Explained: The secrets of the time-out

How to Play Volleyball : How to Bump a Volleyball

Hey, my name’s Addison from Captain Bills and I’m going to teach you how to bump a volleyball. Bumping or passing is probably the most important thing in volleyball; it’s probably the backbone of volleyball. The main thing you want to worry about is your platform. In order to pass the ball you never want […]

Beach Volleyball Statistics – Mol / Sorum vs Fijalek / Bryl , Attack by Anders Mol

Double click to open video file Press Command+K for scouting converter and select scouting file Navigate with trackpad or mouse wheel and locate first serve time Add Global time point for 1st action (Serve) Filter and Apply Cristian Mol Attacks Add analysis name Export tags to analysis Montage and export video


Alright, so, we’re going to talk about the Dirty Diaper right now and the reason why it’s called the Dirty Diaper is that One day, I was going over this concept with a with a young boy and he- he said that it- the ending of it felt like he was holding his brother’s dirty […]

3 Strategy Mistakes You’re Making As A Beginner Tennis Player [Part 1]

Tennis Serve Cheat How to Add Speed | Even If Beginner (Top Speed Tennis)

Hi guys, welcome back to Top Speed Tennis, I’m Clay Ballard, and I’ve got a question for you, a very good question. How would you like to have a cheat that you can go and improve your serve speed today? Not a week from now, not a month from now, not a year from now, […]

Tennis Serve Lesson for Beginners – How To Hit a Serve

Are you just getting started in tennis and struggling with figuring out how to serve? Or maybe you’ve been playing tennis for a while and your serve has just always lagged behind and been a problem. So this video is for you and unfortunately the big problem is that most tennis players who have problems […]

Tennis Best Slice Serve Technique To Push Players Out Of The Court | Connecting Tennis | Serves

Hey guys, how are you? This is Gaston here again from Connecting Tennis today what I want to show you it’s one of the things that I feel that I see everyday people at all levels the beginners intermediate advanced and even in the in the competition level is the wide serve from the deuce […]