KNEE INJURY UPDATE! Inline Skating Update 1

hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater and today I’ll give you an update about my knee injury if you are new to this channel welcome let me first explain what happened two months ago I injured myself in my dominant legs knee while playing basketball since then I wasn’t crutches with this […]


hey guys it’se me tiago the french inline skater and welcome to those videos today I decided to go get you a little bit to see how many is going so why not going from the Eiffel Tower to the gums on ass there’s around 1.7 kilometers between the Eiffel Tower and the Gong vomit […]

HOW TO REMOVE YOUR BEARINGS- Inline Skating tutorial #3

fast tutorial today I’ll show you how to remove aberrant she professed and very easily you will underneath the allen wrench that comes with escape or an allen wrench with a bearing remover let’s start with the classic way with the allen wrench becomes the first case this one can be a little tricky at […]

Inline Skating with a SPECIAL Person!

hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater. in the process of the making of this video i have been physically assaulted by a very very mad man basically someone just kicked me my stomach’s been punch me on my head fans scream I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I worked everything in detail […]


hHey guys it’sa me Tiago the french Inline Skater and today I’m going to compare fitness skates to freestyle skate before we start I’d like to tell that I’m not currently in France I’m in Angola so there are many types of inline skates recreational speed aggressive free ride freestyle and a few others beginners […]