Golf Chipping & Pitching : Choosing Golf Clubs for Pitching

Okay, so here you are faced with this chip shot up to fifty yards and then however big the green is. So in this example here, we’ve got sand traps and things in front of you. So you want to, if the pin is at the back, you can use a less lofted club because […]

Premier Double Queen Guest Room – Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club

the mansions side guest rooms were built in the nineteen eighties in two wings that attached by walkways to the Mansion. The rooms were built as very generous spaces which as a renovation project gave me the opportunity to create a generous living area. This is a Mansion-side Guest Room with two queen beds. This […]

Golf Sand Game Tips : Opening the Golf Club Face

Okay, so let’s say that’s my shot. So let’s say I hit a long iron and the ball rolled into the sand trap so it’s not stuck in the sand, it’s doesn’t have a bad lie. So this shot, what I’m going to do is I’m going to open the club face because I want […]

TWO SANDY BALLS – Dan and Phil Play: Golf With Friends #2

Phil: Hello, DanandPhilGAMES caddy-lads! Phil: I liked it so much Dan: Oh, that’s sticking Phil: That is sticking! Dan:Thank you very much. Phil: and welcome back to Golf With Friends! Dan I can just- You loved it! Phil: *golf club noise* Dan You were like, “Yes, the golf-lifestyle!” Phil: Yeah Dan: I’m wearing expensive polo-shirts, […]

What’s the difference between PW, AW, SW, & LW?

Wedges are clubs used for the shorter shots in golf. Approach shots, chip shots, pitch shots, bunker shots, lob shots to mention just a few. There are different types of wedges generally defined by having different lofts, measured in degrees, and each one is designed to do a certain job. Understanding the different types of […]