4 Speed Ladder Exercises That Will Improve Your Footwork | Tennis Conditioning

Hello guys and good morning. Today we are going to show you some speed ladder exercises that you can do with your athletes. Alexander is going to perform them and I’m going to give you some information about the drill, how they are called and what they are for and so forth so you have […]

My 5 Minute Ponytail Routine – KayleyMelissa

– Hey everyone! Kayley here with my five minute ponytail routine. I’m gonna show you guys all the tricks that I use to make my ponytail look amazing in just five minutes. And you can use all of these tricks or just some of these tricks depending on what you want to do. Without these […]


I’m not very special in that, I don’t really “prepare” that much. I prefer to laugh in the locker room, joke around with the young players and just enjoy the dressing room life with my teammates. Of course I change the moment I step on the pitch – but I dont really prepare that much. […]

Morning 6 Pack Abs Routine with Pro Skater Boo Johnson

– What’s up, Elite THENX athletes, this is Chris. We’re out here in LA so you know I had to pop up on the homie. – My G, what’s the deal it’s Boo Johnson. – We’re at Boo Johnson’s place and I’m gonna drop in on his morning routine. We’re gonna see how you get […]