Inline Skating with a SPECIAL Person!

hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater. in the process of the making of this video i have been physically assaulted by a very very mad man basically someone just kicked me my stomach’s been punch me on my head fans scream I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I worked everything in detail […]

Lifia Niala belajar bermain sepatu roda – lets play inline Skating Rollerblade

There is a package Friends, Niala got roller skate Let’s open it Friends, Here is the skate a roller skate Thank you for buying roller skate for me, Papa We will unwrap this first, Friends… It is beautiful Should I push it, Papa? Let’s try to wear it Friends, Alifia is playing roller skate Alifia […]

Am I too fat to skate? (The answer is no.)

What’s up Planet Roller Skaters? Pigeon here and today I’m hanging out with Shove– [Shove] What’s up guys! [Pigeon] And Rebel! [Rebel] Sup! You might know them better by their Instagram handles which is @Fat_Girl_Has_Moxi and @queergirlstraightskates and today we’re discussing a question we get all the time which is: Am I too fat to […]

Are Cheap Hockey Skates Good Enough?

My skates are …. CHEAP! Yup, these are the skates I’ve used all winter. And to be honest .. they are okay. But there are also some things about them that I don’t like. Beginners may want soft skates, as they allow bending and flexing more. But as you progress, you’d want stiffer skates. These […]

How I Learned the ICE HOCKEY STOP on Inline Skates

The Ice Hockey Stop … on Inline Skates MY STORY Last summer .. my hockey stop was … not quite perfect. On ice I could do it, no problem, but on inline skates, well… I though maybe a wet surface would do the trick but .. no … no! Soon I realized that to do […]


hHey guys it’sa me Tiago the french Inline Skater and today I’m going to compare fitness skates to freestyle skate before we start I’d like to tell that I’m not currently in France I’m in Angola so there are many types of inline skates recreational speed aggressive free ride freestyle and a few others beginners […]