Will Sex Sell? Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball – Episode 265

#Intro Music Hey all you out there in the “interwebs”, welcome back to the Moral Gamer Show. This is the Moral Gamer We’re going to answer that question… WILL SEX SELL IT? We want to know if sex is enough to sell Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Is sex enough to sell this game? […]

CGRundertow SHAUN PALMER’S PRO SNOWBOARDER for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

With the success of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise, Activision was just finding any extreme sport, making a game, and having it star a big name from that sport. This is what caused the creation of Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder, a game that sounds like Tony Hawk Pro Skater on a mountain, and plays […]

Snowboard Bizden Sorulur! I SPXTV

Everything about snowboard is is on SPX TV’s Youtube channel! Subscribe and don’t miss out on information, reviews, tips&tricks, and adventures! youtube.com/SPXTREME Snowboard is our business!

CCM Jetspeed Hockey Skate Review | Source For Sports

This is the new CCM Jet Speed skate. First year we’re introducing it (in) 2015. I think you got me! (laughter) Feel good though. That heel lock is spectacular. And then that holder, being higher – I just feel like you get a longer stride out of it. Hyperglide steel, nice smooth finish, it’s spectacular! […]

CCM Hockey D3O Smart Foam is out of this world!

Following a recent trip to CCM’s HQ they they were kind enough to give us one of their demo kits and their D3o foams Now this is that smart foams that you find inside their protective I’ve sometimes heard players say that there isn’t a real difference between high-end equipment versus Intermediate or Entry-level equipment […]

Snowboard Academy: Is This a Movie? (Movie Nights) (w/ Kaylyn Saucedo)

[intro music] Snowboard Academy bring it home today on videocassette available from Columbia TriStar home video Hi guys, welcome back to Movie Nights. I’m here with my good friend Kaylyn Saucedo – [Kaylyn] Hi Thank you for having me today I’m so glad that you could fly out just for this [Kaylyn] just Precisely for […]

TAPER – Jake Blauvelt x ’19 RIDE Berzerker

yeah the boards I grew up riding on the East Coast we’re definitely like pipe park boards full camber narrow stiff they just railed and we’re super twitchy back and forth on edge on hardpack and so that wast the boards that I grew up riding and really liked to ride that kind of like […]

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Making money from horse racing has never been easier with online betting. With so many races to choose from, if you follow these tips you should be seeing regular wins. 1. Specialise. you can only watch and be knowledgeable on so many races. So pick one area and know it inside and out. Some punters […]