Yes! Golf Callie Putter | Golf Club Review

we’re at the polling green at old thorns Country Club and now we’re looking at the yes see groove Cali putter well this putter was designed by Harold swash and the unique selling point about the putter is this C groove on the face that gets the ball rolling end over end quicker than any […]

Golf Club Review | Callaway X12 and X14 Irons

Years ago when I was a kid I used to love walking into the golf shops and have a rummage around the pre-owned sets to see what i could find. Now, many years later, I’ve been rummaging around the Golfbidder Store and dug out these Callaway X-12s. And after all these years, thousands of clubs, […]

Golf Club Review | Cobra FP Irons

Hi guys, Donal here from Golfbidder. I’m looking at the Cobra FP iron. Now this iron came out in 2008. If you’re a fan of Cobra, a mid to high handicapper and you’re looking for a club that’s got lots of forgiveness and playability, and plenty of feel, this FP iron might be for you. […]

Golf Club Review | Titleist 909 Hybrid

That’s great stuff Paddy. We’ll have you in to talk about the club. Welcome to Doc’s Dawn Raid. Thank you. Hey everybody, Donal from Golfbidder here. I’m with Paddy, he’s a plus 1 handicapper and I’ve given Paddy the 909H hybrid from Titleist. Now Paddy you’ve never hit a hybrid before, you don’t have a […]

Cleveland HiBore XLi Irons | Golf Club Review

we’re here at old horn today looking at the Cleveland high bore XLI irons now these irons are designed for players who hate hitting irons they’re extremely forgiving and easy to hit they’re the only iron set from Cleveland that are all hollow throughout the face they’re shaped like hybrids so you get a brilliant […]

TaylorMade RAC Forged Wedge | Golf Club Review

welcome to old thorns Country Club it’s another beautiful morning and we’re looking at wedges this is the TaylorMade Rock wedge it’s a really classic looking and beautiful wedge it’s made from 304 stainless steel so it’s very striking in its looks the face pattern includes milled out grooves there from maximum spin and as […]

Golf Club Review | Callaway FT5 Driver

Hi everybody Donal here from Golfbidder at the Doc’s Dawn Raid. We’re in Carton house today. Doc’s Dawn Raid’s. Sign up for them on Golfbidder or It’s where we take readers, give them Golfbidder gear. You can test out drivers, fairways, irons. The best of everything for sale on Golfbidder. So now we have […]

Nike SQ Machspeed Irons | Golf Club Review

we’re here at old thorns Country Club looking at game improvement irons and this is Mike’s SQ machspeed I earn lots of forgiveness it’s one for the higher handicappers so what’s happening here well it has a stainless steel body but an ultra thin weld face – it’s a very hot face the ball is […]

Golf Club Review | Callaway Octane Black Driver

Right down the middle. Hi everybody, Donal here from Golfbidder. We’re on the 17th hole at Fairmont St Andrews on our testing day. Absolutely fantastic day, beautiful sunshine overlooking the town of St Andrews so be sure to check out Fairmont St Andrews. Now Andy, you’ve come all the way from Finland. Welcome. Now I’ve […]