Magnetic Foosball / Air Hockey Game uses Magnetism // Klask Review

Mario Tennis Aces – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

It feels like it’s been a life time since a Mario Sports game has truly had energy behind it but Aces has so much energy that it can use it to control time. For the first time since Mario Strikers Charged, I actually want to keep playing Mario Sports. The mix of pure Tennis and […]

How Mario Tennis Aces TRIGGERS You!

Subtittles by: mr.beast 9000 WARNING: The following video is over-exaggerated. Most opinions shared aren’t accurate to my thoughts and views. And there will be final boss spoilers and you’ve been warned. (SERIOUSLY LEAVE IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS!) At least I don’t spoil it in the thumbnail. Am I right? Where is the cool CG […]

Simba Toys | Air Hockey Toy Review

Hi, I’m Vartika and I’m going to share why I like the Simba — Air Hockey. This is a portable air hockey table, a miniature of the real thing. It is small in size and is perfect to play in the house or to take to a friend’s place. The table requires batteries to power […]