L’Hiver et le Hockey à Montréal

The winter in Monréal is something special, another universe The temperature reaches most of the time -30°C or worse And of course, you’ll be surrounded by snow When you add the humidity and the wind stroms, it can make you stay home A nice surprise : all the murals and paintings in Montréal Embellishing the […]

Ron MacLean on Canada’s ‘love affair’ with hockey | Canada is …

I’ve always said it’s a story of a love affair. We don’t know why we feel so family when we watch Hockey Night in Canada but we do feel like family and we do know that everyone in our family is kind of joining us and doing the same thing. There’s just such a joy […]

The Two Sides of Canada | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Here’s why I’ve come here, Mr. Prime Minister. I will say this, as far as major world leaders go… you’ve got significant clout. And I’m gonna be real with you. It’s…it’s a lot of the looks. In comparison to some of these world leaders, there are some straight uncles walking around. We got some ugos. […]