From Career Threatening Injury at 18 to Snowboard Olympic Champion at 22 | Against All Odds

Snowboard cross isn’t just a sport for me. It’s much more. It’s my life. The Olympic final is go. Look at that, Michela Moioli’s made great progress. Oh, the edge is touched. What happened to Michela Moioli on that last jump? But that wasn’t the end. For me it was just the beginning. OLYMPIC CHANNEL […]


– Hey everyone, so today I wanna talk to you about a trick for the end of your sticks which will help you in your play when reaching for passes. So, a common problem that a lot of players, I think, at all levels, I know, throughout my career that I’ve experienced is that when […]


– So skating backwards in sledge hockey is not really a practical skill as far as when you’re on the back check to do. But as many times in both games and practices where you might be battling in the corners or in front of the net and you’re gonna have to use that technique. […]

Short Track Speed Skating Stories to Watch | Olympic Winter Games

PyeongChang 2018. Stories To Watch. Short Track Speed Skating. Short track speed skating debuted as a medal sport at the Olympics in 1992, but its origins date back to the 1920s, when so-called pack-style skating, with its chaos, collisions and unpredictability, made it a fan favourite on ovals, and in the tiny confines of arenas. […]

2018 Winter Olympics WARDROBE MALFUNCTION While Figure Skating In Pyeongchang | What’s Trending Now!

An unfortunate wardrobe malfunction has overshadowed the Winter Games for a pair of French ice dancers. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Shira Lazar. Be sure to like this video and subscribe for more social media news daily. Gabrielle Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron were near the beginning of their program to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of […]

Polina Edmunds Spins Between University and Figure Skating at the Olympics | Day Jobs

DAY JOBS (POLINA EDMUNDS, FIGURE SKATING, STUDENT, USA) I am all about confidence, hard work. Being an athlete, it is about knowing the rewards. Knowing that I have the talent and a gift and I can share it and show people what I can do. My name is Polina Edmunds, I am a full-time student […]

Can Athletes from Tropical Countries compete in Winter Olympics? | Burning Questions

Pristine beaches, crystal-clear seas, and balmy temperatures. Where better for an athlete to prepare for the Winter Olympic games? Snowy powerhouses like Norway and Canada will be expected to dominate proceedings at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. But what about those countries where ice would be nice and snow is thin on the ground? Can […]

Kovalchuk, Datsyuk, Voinov and other hockey legends just days before the Olympics(360 video/Rus.sub)

Hi friends, we are here today to watch the most powerful Russian hockey team, with some of the most powerful Russian hockey players, that will be going to the Olympics very soon. SKA’s Hockey players start the day off early. We arrived at the stadium at the same time they did and I must say […]