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Bangladesh vs Bhutan || Match Highlights || SAFF U-15 Championship 2019 || GOAL BD

4-2! 👊RONALDO is HAT-TRICK HERO👊 Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich (Parody Goals Highlights 2017)

Ray Allen heading for the not many a really Champions League semi-final oh my god sir all cheer that means extra time who will be tonight’s hero me I’ll be tough he’ll rule I’ll be the public hero on this Tuesday night it’s your guess on you’re not not cool and explore you convert your […]

BKSP (BD) vs NESI (IND) || FINAL Match Highlights || Subroto Cup Football 2019 || GOAL BD

Jürgen Klopp surprises Jamie Webster and sings ‘Allez, Allez, Allez’ in Michigan

♫ ..and it burns, burns, burns… ♫ CHEERING What do we say to this, eh? Seeing as the boss is here… Seeing as this man is here, I think there’s only song we can leave him with, isn’t there? The story about this song, I was at Porto away, in the stadium in Portugal, and […]

BKSP Girls vs SISM Girls || Match Highlights || Subroto Cup Football Tournament 2019 || GOAL BD

🔥Ronaldo vs Zlatan: Football Challenges!🔥

FOOTBALL CHALENGES: ZLATAN VS RONALDO THE SPRINT CHALLENGE And mobility scooters are not allowed, old man! Trust me, Zlatan will win… This is going to be a walk in the park! Just like Serie A… He couldn’t keep up even with that aero-dynamically perfect nose cone! Ronaldo wins! What the hell? Yes! Zlatan wins it […]