Novak Djokovic vs. Tennis Machine

Hi there. Hello. Alright. I‘m Jeff. I‘m the chief engineer. This is Lars. I‘m Lars. I‘m the assembly operator. Novak got in touch with me about three months ago. He said he had this idea. Instantly we got bit scared, didn‘t we. Because he comes up with these random ideas. But I gotta say, I‘m […]

Tennis Serve Tip: How To Pronate For More Power

Hello! Gregg Le Sueur for Online Tennis Instruction. Here’s a tip on the serve and how to swing up leading with the edge of the racket. So you often hear teaching pros say “you want to lead with the edge of the racket and then last second go to pronate out”. Now this is specific […]

Tennis Tip: A More Balanced Forehand

Hi everybody! Nadim here for Online Tennis Instruction. Today I would like to give you a very important tip related to proper footwork and proper positioning so that you can execute your strokes on much better balance and staying in much better balance throughout before, during and after the stroke. What exactly am i referring […]

Add more POWER to your groundstrokes INSTANTLY – Tennis Tip

How to address the golf ball easily every time

hey guys my name is Danny Maude head professional here at the Canterbury Golf Club have you ever got confused about the number of things that you have to think about in terms of your setup how do you stand to the ball should your right shoulder build below your left shoulder you know should […]

PGA Golf Instruction: How to grip a golf club strong vs. weak (Beginner and Experienced Golfers)

Hello and welcome. You’ve found David Franks Golf. I don’t have a tagline yet, but this video is meant to help you with your grip. If you have questions about whether to use a strong or a weak grip, please see my other video called, “How you should grip the club”. On screen now is […]

Don’t Mix Electricity And Water!

Marshmello – Rooftops (Official Music Video)

♪ And we’re screaming from the rooftops ♪ ♪ Screaming ’til our heart stops, let it out ♪ ♪ ♪ And baby, this love we have ♪ ♪ You really killing me, it’s like a roundabout ♪ ♪ And we’re screaming from the rooftops ♪ ♪ Screaming ’til our heart stops, let it out ♪ […]

Anatomy of a Steeplechaser: How their Physique Helps Their Stamina

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes, to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian… That’s it, come on! we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A STEEPLECHASER) In the track and field programme, the 3,000-metres steeplechase really is one of those brutal events. Classically when you look […]