Le Tennis – Cyprien

This week I’ve been invited to go to the French Open to see a match Frankly, I would have liked to go there if tennis was not the sport I hated the most I don’t hate really tennis, but it’s just that I don’t understand anything about it. Nevertheless, sometimes I force myself to watch […]

RT Life – Jack and Gavin Play Tennis

[Rooster Teeth Intro] Jack: So we are out here at a tennis court near the office Gavin: *Raspberry* Jack: And Gavin bet me that he’d beat me at a set of tennis Gavin: Regretting that now obviously, I haven’t- Michael: Yeah I’m regretting it too cause now I’m here filming it Jack: Wait, so the […]

Is Sammy The Bull A Hero Or A Snitch?

okay star report Friday night come on in kids daddy has to go to work huh yeah feeling so good yesterday I had to decompress and had to handle some business in the daytime for those of you who follow me on Instagram you knew that was up to anyway all right tonight we’re gonna […]


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Episode 35 – Photography and Figure Skating (feat. Interview with Joosep Martinson)

Kat: You’re In The Loop – we’re here to discuss the ups, downs and sideways of the sport of figure skating, and maybe give you +5 GOE along the way. Let’s introduce this week’s hosts. Lae: Hi, I’m Lae. I’m currently trying to process that the JGP is happening, and crying about my baby Juniors. […]