Tennant Creek Golf Club, Tennant Creek Region

[Music playing] Oh, that’s it. Whoa, you sure hit my head, man. Ha ha, straight down the middle. [Music playing] Whoa…

Card Throwing Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect. What’s up, guys? We’re Dude Perfect– I’m Rick Smith, Jr. –Professional magician and master card thrower. Let’s have some fun! Wooooo!!! This is the olive slicer. Dude, that was amazing! Nicely done. This guy’s a magician, literally. This is my version of a three-pointer. *cheering* That’s a real carrot! Whoo! Ohoho, wow! Ladies […]


Wayne, thanks for coming up here today to the DST Demo Day can you just tell me a little bit about your golfing history how long have you been playing? I’ve been playing golf, probably 27 years played off about 8 for 20 years now

How to Play Ice Hockey : The Defensive Zone in Ice Hockey

30.Alright, now we’re in the defensive zone. Let’s say you want to protect the puck from the forwards, from getting the puck in the net. That’s you’re net. You try to protect that net. You try to protect your goalie. What you’re going to do, this is your left defensemen, be positioned over here. You […]