Golf for Beginners : Golf Ball Positioning

Okay, so now that we’ve worked on alignment. So we kind of know how to be parallel to the line of flight with our feet and all that good stuff. Now, where do you put the ball? Well, for me, with this sand wedge for example I want to have the club so it’s laying […]

How to address the golf ball easily every time

hey guys my name is Danny Maude head professional here at the Canterbury Golf Club have you ever got confused about the number of things that you have to think about in terms of your setup how do you stand to the ball should your right shoulder build below your left shoulder you know should […]

Golf for Beginners : Golf: Killing the Ball

Alright, when I was a little bit younger I would be playing some good golf and then for some reason I’d be start trying to kill the ball and when I started to try to kill the ball then the quality of your swing declines. You get a little tense, you’re using too many upper […]

Golf Swing Tempo Tips : Medicus Golf Club Hitting Tips

OK, now we’re going to hit real golf balls with our Medicus club. So once again, what this forces you to do is to focus because one of the things that golf requires more so than most sports is you don’t have to be a great runner, you don’t have to be able to dunk […]

The Difference Between Chipping vs Pitching | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor

PGA Golf Instruction: How to grip a golf club strong vs. weak (Beginner and Experienced Golfers)

Hello and welcome. You’ve found David Franks Golf. I don’t have a tagline yet, but this video is meant to help you with your grip. If you have questions about whether to use a strong or a weak grip, please see my other video called, “How you should grip the club”. On screen now is […]

Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Golf Clubs: 60 Degree Wedges

OK, we’re going to use the sixty degree wedge in this segment and all that means is that the club is very lofted, it’s a very open face so I going to get the ball high with my shot. So it’s not too windy right now so I feel pretty comfortable hitting a high shot […]

Golf Chipping & Pitching : Choosing Golf Clubs for Pitching

Okay, so here you are faced with this chip shot up to fifty yards and then however big the green is. So in this example here, we’ve got sand traps and things in front of you. So you want to, if the pin is at the back, you can use a less lofted club because […]

The Biggest Mistake with Chipping and the Drill to Fix It Fast!

in today’s video we’re talking about the number one mistake most golfers are making in their short game and we’re gonna fix it for you right now let’s go okay so get the club that gives you the most problem we’re just going to use the my 60-degree and it’s what gives people the most […]

Ba Na Hills Golf Club – Sân golf tuyệt đẹp nằm ngay dưới chân núi Bà Nà.

다낭은 예로부터 서양과 동양을 잇는 중계무역이 성행하였으며 이로인해 중요한 국제 무역항으로서 그 입지를 다져왔습니다 다낭은 중부를 대표하는 아름다룬 바다휴양지 그리고 베트남의 활기찬 오늘 부지런한 상업도시와 세계 각국의 투자로인해 나날이 발전하는 미래지향적인 도시의 느낌이 강한 곳입니다 바나힐은 다낭에서 25km떨어져 있으며 Chua산에 위치해있고 해발은 1.487m에 달합니다 여기는 재미있는 오락관과 아름다운 휴양지로 유명해 있습니다 또한, 관광객은 바나힐에 오시면 […]