Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Slashing

The next penalty we’re going to show you is slashing. Slashing the hand signal for it is like that. And it happens when you take your stick and you strike it against another person’s arm or their leg or any part of their body at a quick motion. And I’m going to demonstrate it on; […]

Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Holding

The next penalty we’re going to show you is holding or holding the stick. The hand signal for this penalty is like this. It’s a minor penalty, and we’re going to show you what a holding penalty looks like. Kind of similar situation as the hook, except rather than your stick getting in there, you’re […]

Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The last penalty we’re going to show you is unsportsmanlike conduct. Now this happens when you argue with a ref, you make obscene gestures to another player or the ref or even the fans. It also happens if the player’s sticks are, the curves are too open. Or if the goalies stick is too open. […]

Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Elbowing

The next penalty we’re going to show you is elbowing. The hand signal for the penalty is like this and this happens when you strike an opponent with your elbow. Usually it happens when it’s above the shoulders. Now we’re going to demonstrate what an elbow penalty looks like. A player with or without the […]

Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Charging

Now we’re going to show you charging. The hang signal for charging is like this. And this happens when you take more than three strides to hit another player. This can happen when you have the puck or without the puck. I’m going to demonstrate. Let’s say I’m coming in and I dump the puck […]