Lit Par 3 Course | Featuring GM Golf and Andrew Jensen

we’re at the lit par 3 course yes tonight we’re gonna hit the shots chip shots punch everything wedge only I think the longest full is looks to be maybe eighty ninety yards we’re not really sure again the whole course is six hundred yards six hundred euro yards yours yours so we’re gonna take […]

Q & A Time On A Short Par 3 Golf Course!

all righty hope you’re having a wonderful day we’re out here at the little course in Franklin Tennessee we’re gonna go play this little nine-hole course it is only par threes that’s why it’s called a little course but it’s a fun little track always enjoy coming over here to play work on some wedges […]

Best Par 3 On Course Golf Strategy – How To Break 100 or 90 For That Matter

Hello I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I am going to show you a little bit about a strategy. And this strategy is aimed at helping you break 100. It can also help you to break 90.But I am particularly looking today at breaking 100. If you are interested in that. Stay tuned. […]

Playing Links Golf in California Rustic Canyon Golf Course!

okay we’re at a Rustic Canyon Golf Course today link style course got my Callaway macdaddy wedge set up because I went a little higher and these firm hard links conditions we’re tipping it out today at seven thousand yard 44 yards holy I’m playing with Dondre my man and Aaron just met Aaron today […]


– Hello again, Adam Bazalgette here in beautiful Naples, Florida. Another sunny day. I want to talk to you about an interesting subject: How high to tee your irons on Par-3s. Can make a quite a difference. I’m a former David Leadbetter Golf Academy director and founder of, so let’s have a look at […]

Golf Scramble Match With Brodie Smith And GM Golf | Lightning Bug Golf Course

Oh what was that kick what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re out here at the lightning bug course just south of Nashville such an awesome little par 3 course that honestly I’ve never been to until today we’ve been out here filming a bunch of fun content just finished filming […]

Diving For Golf Balls in America’s Most Famous Water Hazard

(whimsical music) (man groaning) – [Narrator] Golf isn’t known for being the most forgiving game. – [Man] Shit! – [Narrator] But there’s nothing quite like shanking your ball into the drink or pond. That’s where this guy comes in. Here at TPC Sawgrass, hundreds of golfers lose their balls to the infamous par three 17th […]