The Tennis Shoes Designed to Glide on Hard Courts | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. Can you imagine tennis shoes that allow the player to cover the court quicker? Stop imagining – there are shoes that make this possible. (TENNIS GLIDE SHOES) A professional tennis player can hit the ball at speeds faster than 200km/h. Competitors have barely a fraction of a second to respond. […]

Dutch Hockey Hero Aims to Transform a Young Kenyan Team | The Z Team

8 FAILING TEAMS You weren’t supposed to do that 8 OLYMPIAN SUPER COACHES 1 WEEK TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Now we wake up! Out! OUT! Mount Kenya University Ladies Hockey Team are a hockey team in trouble. I can’t say we are at our best just for now, but we are trying to come […]

Figure Skating vs Ice Hockey | Who Will be Best at the Other Sport? | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) I’m Herberts Vasiljevs, Latvia, ice hockey. Herberts Vasiljevs! I love fast-paced hockey, the challenge, the competition and when a goal is scored, it’s unbelievable! (3-TIME OLYMPIAN, (TURIN 2006, VANCOUVER 2010, SOCHI 2014) I’m Valentina Marchei and I’m a figure skater from Italy. The good thing about our sport is there are no copies. […]

Anatomy of A Rugby Player: How Strong Is Olympic Medallist Tom Mitchel?

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian… Now we’re working, come on! – ..testing, analysing… – Dig deep, come on! ..going behind the stats of an elite athlete as we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A RUGBY PLAYER) The physical […]

How To Forehand Drive & Backhand Chop in Table Tennis | Olympians’ Tips

FOREHAND DRIVE To drive well, first, you need to lower your centre of gravity. Move your weight to the right and then shift it to your left as you swing through. TIP 1: LOWER YOUR CENTRE OF GRAVITY AND MOVE YOUR WEIGHT FROM ONE LEG TO THE OTHER AS YOU SWING THROUGH To put a […]

U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team Announced | NBC Nightly News

Marble Race: Marble League 2019 Qualifiers

The stands are packed and we are proud to welcome you to the 2019 qualifying rounds for the MarbleLympics. Four events and 20 teams competing for 12 qualification spots in this year’s event. Oceanics, O’rangers, Midnight Wisps and the Savage Speeders are already qualified based on their finishing positions for the last MarbleLympics and the […]

How To Play Table Tennis – Forehand Topspin

Hi, I am Marcos Freitas. And this is how you play the forehand topspin. In table tennis, there is no stroke more dominant then the forehand topspin That’s why most players base their entire game on creating situations where they will be able to perform this specific stroke The body position allows the forehand topspin […]

Anatomy of a Steeplechaser: How their Physique Helps Their Stamina

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes, to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian… That’s it, come on! we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A STEEPLECHASER) In the track and field programme, the 3,000-metres steeplechase really is one of those brutal events. Classically when you look […]

How Mosquitoes Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood | Deep Look

This is the deadliest animal in the world. Mosquitoes kill hundreds of thousands of people each year… the most vulnerable people: children, pregnant women… No other bite kills more humans… or makes more of us sick. So what makes a mosquito’s bite so effective? For starters, they’re motivated. Only females bite us. They need blood […]