Can a Finnish Olympic ice hockey legend change this Chinese team’s fortune? | The Z Team

Hey! Hennessy! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Shoot the puck! Ice hockey is a fast-growing sport in China with new teams springing up all over the capital. But the Huijia Green Dragons, the most recent addition to the Beijing Junior Ice Hockey League, are a team in trouble. Right, come on! Crack coach Jiri Novak’s been drafted […]

Can Dutch hockey star Ellen Hoog help a team who doesn’t score win? | The Z Team

(THE Z TEAM) (DELFT, NETHERLANDS) Hockey is the number one women’s sport in the Netherlands, and in the town of Delft Ring Pass one of its most established clubs. For the past eight years its girls under-18 first team has played in the top division and even gained promotion to the national league by winning […]