Hockey Speed Training [For Small Spaces] 🏒🚀

Hey hockey players coach garner here from hockey training dot com. In this video I’m gonna run you through a speed workout that you can do with no equipment and even if you have a limited amount of space. We’re gonna begin this workout with four back-to-back exercises to act as your warmup we’re gonna […]

SNIPE ALL DAY // On-Ice Hockey Training

Hey guys, it’s Derek with Total Hockey here with Jeff to work on some shooting drills. I snipe all day son! Your first shooting drill is gonna be almost like swinging a baseball bat with that weighted donut on it. Alright? I’m going to be resisting your shot and you’re just going to have to […]

Амур – Автомобилист прогноз|27.12.2019|Amur – Avtomobilist

in Khabarovsk on the platinum arena with the next match khl amur accepts motorist welcome all lovers hockey fans bet on sports in the tournament the table cars takes seventh line the team we can fight the stream dynamo moscow i wang there we see ourselves that even dynamo and the vanguard for one game […]


I have a dress, I played for Liberec you´re late and only two? are you fucking kidding me? there you have hockey kits Hi guys welcome to the new video finally is here Fitness vs Hockey it´s fucking difficult but we are preparing to the fight against Vsetín today so here we go hi man…where […]

The Life of a Kenyan hockey player #HockeyIsForEveryone

Hockey is just my life. I think that’s the best definition I can give. Hi, I am Jeffie Magina. I am an artist and I’m also a hockey player. My parents died when I was like 10. So, I got moved to places. This is where I picked up art, because my dad used to […]


hey what’s going on guys I’m gonna show you my collection of hockey pucks I keep them in this box here in the garage until I eventually do something with more interesting with them but I got kind of a neat collection of some obscure ones some common ones and let’s take a look at […]

9-Minute Hockey Skills Training Workout 🏒

(stick slapping) – All right guys, that wraps up our hockey skills and explosive power workout. (electronic beeping) Hey hockey players, Kevin here from, and in this video, I’m gonna show you an example nine-minute hockey skills and explosive power workout that you can do at home as long as you have a net […]

How physics makes hockey happen/UNC-TV Science

Hockey is one of the fastest sports on earth. Players travel as fast as vehicles. Hockey pucks scream along the ice at 90 miles per hour. [crowd cheering] – You gotta know not just what you’re doing, but what everyone else is doing, and where everyone else is, so it’s awareness, knowing where they’re going, […]