How to Improve Skating – Dryland Drill for Hockey Players

Here we are going a dry skate actual lateral step. So, now we are taking it to the next level, we are actually taking a step. You are bringing that foot back in heel and then stepping across again. So when you step across don’t bring that foot straight across bring it back, around and […]

Hockey Shooting – Game Situation Drill (INTENSE)

Here we have our set up again. Cones, vertical, figure 8, outside stick length apart. Nets going to be behind me. So, what you are going to do is you are going forwards here. You are coming through the middle of coming to the outside, back through the middle and then you’re going to shoot […]

Buffalo Sabres Join Hockey Fights Cancer Campaign

I’m Ed Warden. I’m 92 years old. Life’s been good to me. Seen a lot of wonderful things happen in the world. Just glad to be here. I am 4, almost gonna turn 5. My name is Andre The Warrior. It was just destined to be his name. You know, it’s who he is, it’s […]

Shoot Like an ELITE Hockey Player – Elite Snap Shot Tip

So here we’re going to the proper shooting mechanics for the snapshot and the wrist shot. We are just going to talk about it real quickly here, just a refresher. The main key that we are going to talk about always is your hands, getting your hands away from your body. The reason for that […]

People Talking Hockey: NHL Draft – Episode 4 | MSG Networks

well it wouldn’t be NHL draft season without every single human being on the planet making an NHL mock draft and for that exact reason we’re gonna do one right now let’s do an NHL mock draft at least for the top ten Arda Ocal l and the draft analyst Steve Kournianos you ready for […]

Hockey Defenseman Positioning – How to Rush the Puck Effectively

Here we are going to talk about creating offense as a defenseman. And in this video we are going to cover rushing the puck, so this is when a defense-man rushes the puck it does not necessarily have to be from end to end. But it can be you know potentially picked up the puck […]

Gulls All Access – Episode 3

male announcer: One-timer! They score. Emily Harlan: The Gulls celebrate the club’s close ties to our armed forces on Military Weekend. Andy Zilch: We’ll introduce you to Chris Wideman and his generous program, Wideman’s Warriors. Emily: And good fun on the golf course for a great cause. It’s time for “Gulls All-Access.” announcer: Carrick, wraparound, […]

Prediction for the match hockey Minnesota Wild – Carolina Hurricanes, November 16

Prediction for the match hockey Minnesota Wild – Carolina Hurricanes, November 16 in our video NHL, Minnesota Wild – Carolina Hurricanes, November 16 prediction for the match Minnesota plays openly, does not rely on defense. Carolina has been scoring a lot lately. We predict a very productive match. Forecast: Total Over 5.5.