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Stadium Crowd Sound Effects

Learn the most effective dribbles | 5 simple football skills

Today we’re on the pitch to teach you five effective and good-looking skills that you can use in a match to go past the defender Now i’m not the flashy, tekkers kind of guy And tend to stick to the simple stuff that actually works and hey if i can, do it so can you […]


all right boys it’s time to grip it and rip it couple Tendy terminators right here boys thats right boys low cheese Missy’s now you got a couple Mike monsters right Jacob that’s right boys yeah yeah Jacob tell em what we’re doing y’all know we’re the best ripping bissy’s from the West it’s Jacob […]

Masha and The Bear – Holiday on Ice (Episode 10)

Oops. Pretty slippery. Oh, wow! Just like in the circus! Will you teach me to do it? Ah, whatever. Oh! Bear will teach me! Bear! The ice is very slippery, and I can’t skate! He’s sleeping again. You always sleep! Wake up! OK. OK, OK. Where does he keep his skates? Yep. This will do […]

Carousel Horse Race

Welcome to Bryant Park and the 143rd running of the Bryant Park Stakes. I’m Alex Scordelis here with me is Ben Rodgers. Ben we have a terrific race on our hands today. Blue skies overhead, really dry fast track out there. These animal are gonna move. And the spectator are filing in Ben everybody’s dressed […]

Money Answers Made Easy | Google App

going up or down? Up…. Should I put money on stocks? Suparv… Which one? Gold… Should I put money on gold? Look what I found in your pocket! Should I invest it? Funds for the cricket team. Fund… Should I put money on mutual funds? Before you invest your money, invest sometime on Google and […]