Magnetic Foosball / Air Hockey Game uses Magnetism // Klask Review

REACTOR WAR! | Mario Tennis Aces Tournament (React: Gaming)

– This is, like, nothing. – Yayy! Woo! – Yeah! – Benny! – (man) Wait. You’re hitting the wrong one. – (Tori) Oh, yeah, yeah. – Ahh! – (Tori) Thank you! You are a great accomplice! Thank you! – (FBE) This Sunday is the finale of our Mario Kart tournament with multiple generations. But if […]

Tennis (by Rizatch) – Game Grumps Animated

Boop a dee beep, boop. [Arin laughs] A: Tennis! D: Tennis! A: Tennis? D: And…tennis. A: Mmm…tennis! D: Tennis! A: [deep inhale] A: Tennis. D: Have you considered…tennis? A: Awwww, tennis. D: Awwwww, tennis. A: Mmmmmm… A: ᵗᵉⁿⁿᶦˢ. D: Tennis. A: Tennis. D: Tennis. A: Tennis. D: Tennis. A: Tennis. [ball boops] A: Tennis. D: […]