The Life of a Kenyan hockey player #HockeyIsForEveryone

Hockey is just my life. I think that’s the best definition I can give. Hi, I am Jeffie Magina. I am an artist and I’m also a hockey player. My parents died when I was like 10. So, I got moved to places. This is where I picked up art, because my dad used to […]

How physics makes hockey happen/UNC-TV Science

Hockey is one of the fastest sports on earth. Players travel as fast as vehicles. Hockey pucks scream along the ice at 90 miles per hour. [crowd cheering] – You gotta know not just what you’re doing, but what everyone else is doing, and where everyone else is, so it’s awareness, knowing where they’re going, […]

SEAL THE DEAL – Ice Hockey with Liwest Black Wings Linz

My name is Lunden Souza. I’m a fitness coach, I work for Runtastic. Now I’m up for a brand new mission. I want to find experts in fitness and staying active who do something I don’t. Who have something to teach me and who could help me take my fitness to a whole new level. […]

Learn the most effective dribbles | 5 simple football skills

Today we’re on the pitch to teach you five effective and good-looking skills that you can use in a match to go past the defender Now i’m not the flashy, tekkers kind of guy And tend to stick to the simple stuff that actually works and hey if i can, do it so can you […]

Mike’s Review-Arbor Foundation Snowboard

Hi, I’m Mike. I just got off the Arbor Foundation. I give this board a 4 out of 5 stars. It really surprised me for $299. This board really likes to hold an edge at speed. Really easy to ride at slow speeds so it’s a great board for anybody looking for a really good […]

CCM Hockey D3O Smart Foam is out of this world!

Following a recent trip to CCM’s HQ they they were kind enough to give us one of their demo kits and their D3o foams Now this is that smart foams that you find inside their protective I’ve sometimes heard players say that there isn’t a real difference between high-end equipment versus Intermediate or Entry-level equipment […]

Sports Fans Try Spelling Hockey Players’ Names

– Today, we are going to try to identify hockey players and spell their names, which is not gonna go well. There’re so many Hs, and Js, and Vs. – I’m a terrible speller. – It’ll probably be a fail, but we’re gonna try. – Every time one of us spells something wrong, we’re gonna […]

How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Increase Skating Endurance for Ice Hockey

Hi my name is Luke. I play for the UNC Wilmington Seahawks and I am going to talk to you about how to increase your skating endurance for ice hockey. For ice hockey and your skating endurance, the main thing you want to do is while you are on the ice practicing to go 110 […]

Tough Competition: UVA Women’s Club Ice Hockey

There’s something about hockey that gets me really excited when I’m out on the ice. This team is actually a huge factor in me choosing to come to UVA. I really wanted to continue playing club ice hockey in college I’m really glad that I found this team. Even if we’re playing down even if […]