HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Hockey skates past King’s

It’s fed to the far side boards, and the Herons will try to break it out. Pass up to the left side, Maura Mulligan. They have a possible three on two. Hampton avoids a check. Comes right down Broadway, feeds the puck to Mings. Wrist shot! Score! Julia Mings goes top shelf and the Herons […]

Hockey Agility Training [Full Workout] 🏒

– Hey hockey players, Coach Garner here from hockeytraining.com. In this video, we’re gonna go through a hockey agility workout to give you quick feet out on the ice. The first exercise we’re going to do in this workout is the 3-6-9 deceleration suicide run. This trains deceleration at all different angles. You’re first gonna […]

Hockey Endurance Workout 🏒💦

– Hey hockey players, coach Garner here from HockeyTraining.com. In this video, we’re gonna go through a workout to give you hockey-specific endurance. The first exercise in this workout is the dumbbell eccentric box squat. What you’re gonna do is you’re going to have the dumbbells in both hands, lower yourself slowly for three to […]

At-Home Hockey Conditioning Workout [For Small Spaces] 🏒

– What’s up, hockey players? Kevin here from HockeyTraining.com, and in this video, I’m gonna take you through a body weight hockey conditioning workout that you can do at home with limited space and no equipment. Before we get into the workout, we’re gonna run through a quick warmup. We’ve got four exercises that we’re […]

How Hockey Helps – The Hockey Foundation (Sept 2016)

I found out about ice hockey in India at the end of 2008 from US Olympian Angela Ruggiero, whom I’d coached hockey with in China when we were colleagues at the New York Islanders. Angela’s email, while unexpected, came at a perfect time in my life, and made me aware of the region of Ladakh […]

Preparing Girls for College Hockey Careers with Kristi King // NSCtv

Hey guys, I’m Kristi King and I’m putting on the Collegiate Girls Prep Hockey Camp. It’s the inaugural year of it and I’m the camp director. What inspired me to come up with this camp is the fact that not all kids get the opportunity to work with college coaches and to have that opportunity […]

Cheap hockey sticks VS Expensive sticks

EXPLOSIVE STRIDE // On-Ice Hockey Training

What’s up guys? It’s Derek from Total Hockey I’m here with Jeff we’re taking it to the ice now to show you some drills for your explosive stride. Wooo! First drill I’m going to have Jeff do here is called inside edges with a hop. Alright, he’s going to go out on his inside edge […]