10 Tricks for Freeriding with Snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue | HOW TO XV

Today I’m gonna share with you a few tips and tricks that are going to make your life in the mountains a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable. Before strapping in or when hiking I really like to secure my gear so I use either an ice axe or ski poles and that way […]

How To Nose Roll On A Snowboard (Regular)

Nose Rolls On a flat area, feel these 2 different positions while nose pressing. When you try it riding you’ll notice that it seems to roll over the nose easily moving you to switch. This is a very simple and common buttering trick. Again there’s 2 directions so make sure to try both. Opening up […]

How To Butter With Grabs On A Snowboard

Buttering Like A Boss. This series of buttering tutorials build on our Basics Of Buttering series, so make sure you’ve watched those tutorials first as it’s fundamental for the moves and techniques that we cover in these videos. While riding on your tail, experiment with grabbing your board. The easiest grab is a Tail Grab. […]

Nosepress Trick Tip With Snowboarder Chris Brewster

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Trick here on Network A. Joining me is Chris Brewster from Alaska. What trick are you teaching us? Today I am going to teach you how to nosepress. There are three steps to a nosepress approach, balance, and landing. So let’s get into the explanation. The approach, […]

How To Frontside Blunt 270 With Snowboarder Dylan Thompson: The Trick ep. 4

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Trick here on Network A. Joining us today is Dylan Thompson. Dylan, good to have you here buddy. Pleasure to be here. Dylan has dropped some of the heaviest and scariest video parts to watch over the last couple years. What are you going to scare us […]

How YES Prep Helped a Dropout Student Find His Passion as a Graffiti Artist

>>Erick: Well, my name is Erick Gonzalez, and I’m a Junior.>>Teacher: Like a self portrait, you might be able to submit a self portrait.>>Erick: If you want a brief overview, you know, sixth to the tenth grade, I was pretty much the example of what not to do at YES.>>Chad: It started off, it was […]

How To Backside Cork 540 On A Snowboard

A Backside Cork 540 is an off-axis Backside spin. On a trampoline and training board, practice throwing your lead arm and shoulder downward toward your rear foot. Jumping up and into the same direction that you throw your lead arm is the key to rotating back to your feet properly. It’s essential that you’re comfortable […]

How To Nose & Tail Press On A Snowboard (Regular)

Pressed Body position An athletic and relaxed body position will maximize your balance while riding. Flexed knees and ankles, back straight and head up, shoulders, hips and knees aligned with the direction of your board. When riding, our weight is normally positioned directly in the centre of our feet however the key to buttering is […]

How To Add Style To Your Grabs On A Snowboard

Style is one of the most important aspects of snowboarding. After you’ve learned the six main snowboard grabs, you can start to style them out. This is done with a combination of two techniques at the same time. Leg extensions, where you extend one leg while pulling the opposite leg in and Shifties, will you […]