Horse Racing in Mongolia

Horses are part of the Mongolian way of life and a symbol of manhood. We can’t imagine this country without them. I am a young trainer from Khenti province. This is my tenth year racing horses. My child jockey Ochiroo is about to turn ten. He’s quite young and is not perfect. Because of that […]

How to Read a Horse Race Card |

Learning to read the race card is the first step to picking winners in horse racing. Every race card whether you’re at the races, or betting online, has all the vital information needed for you to start picking winners. For online punters, there’s a wealth of form sites to choose from all with varying degrees […]

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series Announcement Trailer

Announcer: Attention ladies, gentlemen, and all racing fans… It’s an absolutely marvelous day at the races as jockeys prepare to saddle up to compete in the Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series. As an official partner of the Breeders’ Cup, we’re excited to announce an exclusive series of special events in alignment with the Breeders’ Cup Challenge […]

Behind The Scenes at the British Racing School, Episode 1

The British racing School in Newmarket is responsible for nurturing the career of some of our industry’s greats including champion jockeys, trainers, traveling head people, and of course the stable staff to look after our thoroughbreds on a daily basis. Over the next few weeks, TDN has been granted special access to the British Racing […]

Rival Stars Horse Racing: AVAILABLE NOW!

♫ Jaunty music plays ♫[Horse nickers][Birds chirp]♫ Musical melody plays ♫[Birds tweet][Horse nickers][More bird calls][Horse snorts][Horses nickering][Hoof stomping][Hoofsteps][Chimes]♫ Music continues ♫♫ Music escalates ♫[Horse snorts][Birdsong][Bird twittering]♫ Music builds ♫[Many hoofsteps]♫ Music builds ♫Announcer: The starter gets us underway here.[Bell rings][Many hoofbeats]Announcer: As they come to the final leg, they set sail for home!♫ Cymbal clashes […]

How to bet on Horse racing and place a Win Bet with Hollywoodbets.

So you want to play the Horses? The first type of bet you need to know is the win bet. Select horse racing from the main menu. Choose a country, then a race meeting and then a race. You will see the horses listed down the side in order of lowest price to highest price. […]

Announcing Rival Stars Horse Racing

♫ Guitar music plays ♫[Horse nickers][Birdsong][Bird twitters][Hoofbeats][Horse snorts][Birdsong][Hammering][More birds][More hammering]♫ Drumming ♫[Horse snorts][Bell clangs]Announcer: The starter gets us underway hereVoiceover: Download Rival Stars Horse Racing for freeVoiceover: On your smartphone or tablet. Play now!

Mongolian horse racing. Part 1./ Монгольские скачки. Часть 1.

Speak Mongolian I can hardly imagine what is it going to be look like The idea of just to mount our horses and go – I’m not sure Somehow these horses look very sad….. Speak Mongolian. – Taking in consideration that they have been catching these horses in the desert for a half a day….. […]

Betting on horse racing – Working out place odds from win odds

if you want instant access to new videos as they’re uploaded then please click on the subscribe button also don’t forget to comment on the videos and if you’re interested in learning more about betangel visit betangel calm today and download a free trial so I’ve had some requests recently with saying is it possible […]