Horse Racing in Mongolia

Horses are part of the Mongolian way of life and a symbol of manhood. We can’t imagine this country without them. I am a young trainer from Khenti province. This is my tenth year racing horses. My child jockey Ochiroo is about to turn ten. He’s quite young and is not perfect. Because of that […]

Behind The Scenes at the British Racing School, Episode 1

The British racing School in Newmarket is responsible for nurturing the career of some of our industry’s greats including champion jockeys, trainers, traveling head people, and of course the stable staff to look after our thoroughbreds on a daily basis. Over the next few weeks, TDN has been granted special access to the British Racing […]

Horse Riding: How To Stop Your Horse From Bulging The Shoulder

Turn your hips in – your belly button in – as his barrel swings out. So now. Now. Forward in between. So it’s sort of … forward and turn. And turn from your seat. And the outside leg is going to close a little. And move him in … as you turn. Bend and turn. […]