Horse Racing in Mongolia

Horses are part of the Mongolian way of life and a symbol of manhood. We can’t imagine this country without them. I am a young trainer from Khenti province. This is my tenth year racing horses. My child jockey Ochiroo is about to turn ten. He’s quite young and is not perfect. Because of that […]

How to Read a Horse Race Card |

Learning to read the race card is the first step to picking winners in horse racing. Every race card whether you’re at the races, or betting online, has all the vital information needed for you to start picking winners. For online punters, there’s a wealth of form sites to choose from all with varying degrees […]

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series Announcement Trailer

Announcer: Attention ladies, gentlemen, and all racing fans… It’s an absolutely marvelous day at the races as jockeys prepare to saddle up to compete in the Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series. As an official partner of the Breeders’ Cup, we’re excited to announce an exclusive series of special events in alignment with the Breeders’ Cup Challenge […]

Seasonality in UK horse racing and how it affects your Betfair trading

so help I’d do a video this time of year to talk about seasonality in horse racing sounds a bit dull but it will give you some guidance in terms of where you are within the year where to set your expectations and what you can do about it so the thing is that all […]

The Horse Racing Expert

Gorgeous day for a race, isn’t it? Yeah I guess Love the smell of a fresh grassy track All the horse dander Mmm, love it. Bit of a regular are you? Hah! Bit of a regular? Err… yeah just a bit. Who’s your money on then? Well I mean, all horses are pretty good aren’t […]

Indian Relay Horse Racing; Piikani Nation | First Nations Canada Pow Wow Dancing

Welcome back to Traveling with Krushworth On this episode, LilLizzy and I visit Brocket, Alberta during the 61st Piikani Nation Annual Celebration for the powwow, the rodeo and Indian Relay Racing, an event said to be “North America’s oldest extreme sport.” The thrills and spills of Indian Relay Races must be seen to be believed. […]

Saratoga Springs, NY: Horse racing, mineral springs and relaxation

Located in the picturesque foothills of the Adirondacks in upstate New York, just an easy train ride from New York City, the charming city of Saratoga is a wonderful place to spend a few extra days during your next US holiday. Hello, and welcome to Saratoga Springs. I’m Victoria and I’m here to experience the […]

2019 Belmont Stakes Predictions and Odds (Saturday, June 8)

Kelly Stewart: 00:09 Welcome to WagerTalk TV. I am Kelly Stewart, @KellyinVegas on Twitter, joined by SIG, @SIGlasvegas, and Marco D’Angelo, @MarcoInVegas. Kelly Stewart: 00:18 All right guys, 150st Belmont Stakes, let’s hit the ground running. This is the third leg of the Triple Crown, but there’s not going to be a Triple Crown winner. […]

Horse Racing Tips: How To Use Betfair’s Horse Ratings Model

G’day guys, I’m James from Betfair Joined by my colleague and friend Mr Tom Bishop. We’re going to be talking about the Carrot Cruncher as we call it internally the horse racing ratings system that we have on the Betfair Hub. Can you speak to how that was created? It’s an exclusively Punting Form model. […]