Slap Shot (1/10) Movie CLIP – The Finer Points of Hockey (1977) HD

Pure spring water brought right to your door. The taste you remember from childhood. Call yourlocal lndian Spring man. He’s in the Yellow Pages. It’s only a fewpennies a day. Enjoy the winter clearance sale at Howlands. All prices drastically slashed. 50 per cent offon ladies’ coats, with the look ofleather. Come on and see […]

Happy Gilmore (3/9) Movie CLIP – Chubbs Sees Pro Material (1996) HD

Hey, mister, you gotta wear a helmet. Don’t worry about it. [ Puffing ][ Automatic Pitcher Firing ] Oh, yeah, yeah! Bring that shit on! – Oh, God. I love it. – Awesome. Oh, God, that hurt a little, but I’m all right.My God, son, what the hell are you doin’?364 more days ’til next […]

Slap Shot (9/10) Movie CLIP – Old-Time Hockey (1977) HD

– OK. Let’s get some speed out there. – Cement-heads. Keep your eyes open. Better passing. Better passing. We got a big period coming up out there. Try to come back with the wingers, maybe. Tonight’s the night. – Who wants ice packs here? – Charlie, over here! We need some more coordination out there. […]