Golf for Beginners : Golf Ball Positioning

Okay, so now that we’ve worked on alignment. So we kind of know how to be parallel to the line of flight with our feet and all that good stuff. Now, where do you put the ball? Well, for me, with this sand wedge for example I want to have the club so it’s laying […]

Golf for Beginners : Golf: Killing the Ball

Alright, when I was a little bit younger I would be playing some good golf and then for some reason I’d be start trying to kill the ball and when I started to try to kill the ball then the quality of your swing declines. You get a little tense, you’re using too many upper […]

Golf Swing Tempo Tips : Medicus Golf Club Hitting Tips

OK, now we’re going to hit real golf balls with our Medicus club. So once again, what this forces you to do is to focus because one of the things that golf requires more so than most sports is you don’t have to be a great runner, you don’t have to be able to dunk […]

Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Golf Clubs: 60 Degree Wedges

OK, we’re going to use the sixty degree wedge in this segment and all that means is that the club is very lofted, it’s a very open face so I going to get the ball high with my shot. So it’s not too windy right now so I feel pretty comfortable hitting a high shot […]

Golf Chipping & Pitching : Choosing Golf Clubs for Pitching

Okay, so here you are faced with this chip shot up to fifty yards and then however big the green is. So in this example here, we’ve got sand traps and things in front of you. So you want to, if the pin is at the back, you can use a less lofted club because […]

Golf Tips for Practicing at Home : Golf Wiffle Balls Practice Tips

OK, so plastic golf balls, these things are great. They also have Nerf golf balls that are about the same size, they’re just sponge rubber. But a lot of times your neighbors, your other family members might not like it if you go in the yard or in the house and start swinging hitting real […]

Golf Tips for Practicing at Home : Hitting Golf Wiffle Balls: Long Irons

Now most recreational players, their weakest shots actually are the long irons cause they don’t get to practice them enough. So with the plastic Wiffle balls you can practice your long irons in your backyard, your front yard, inside your house, local park. So the more swings you’re going to get with them the better […]

Using Baseball to Improve Your Golf Game : Which Golf Grip to Use?

In this segment, I’d like to go into detail as to whether you should use a varden grip, a ten finger grip, an interlock grip or a pure baseball grip. The first thing that I would recommend is that you try this with your grip. You try the waggle. If you do interlock, try the […]

Golf Sand Game Tips : Opening the Golf Club Face

Okay, so let’s say that’s my shot. So let’s say I hit a long iron and the ball rolled into the sand trap so it’s not stuck in the sand, it’s doesn’t have a bad lie. So this shot, what I’m going to do is I’m going to open the club face because I want […]