Golf Swing Release: Throw golf Club to Target

Hey everybody. Terry here again with and today we’re going to talk about the natural release you get when you rip the club properly and you setup properly over the ball. Ernie Ellis did a press conference about a month ago before one of the FedEx tournaments and they asked him what he’s working […]

Michigan State Hockey vs Michigan | Spartans All-Access | November 30, 2018

– Just getting rolling, aye, everybody gets a bump, everybody gets a shot, uh, give a little bump to a guy coming on and off the ice there, and uh, like we said earlier, let’s focus on us, and let’s have some fun together out there tonight boys, alright, let’s go, let’s go. (team clapping) […]

Disney’s Tinkerbell Ice Skating Jigsaw Puzzle – Kids Games Jigsaw Puzzles with Daddy Finger Family

Finger Family Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger, Where are you? Here I am, Here I am, How do you do? Mommy Finger, Mommy Finger, Where are you? Here I am, Here I am, How do you do? Brother Finger, Brother Finger, Where are you? Here I am, Here I am, How do you do? Sister Finger, […]

Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

This is the Cody trust shot. Yippee. Dude Perfect. What’s up, guys? We’re Dude Perfect. I’m Logan. World champion boomerang thrower. Let’s have some fun! Let’s turn the lights out. This one’s called the balloonerang. Very nice! Now over the years here, we’ve developed some targets with nice payoffs here at DP sugar glass being […]

Can I Shoot 59 From The Front Tees? | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

hope you are having a great day we are out here at Nashville golf and athletic Club for part two of how low can you go right here is number ten behind me we’re going to be playing the back nine’ from the front tease the front nine I shot 31 five under was off […]


I don’t have keys black or purple swingy deco so windy Olá tube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict it’s try not to fall here it’s Saturday afternoon and I was kinda bored at home Janice was about to start dinner we have our niece at home so I just thought […]

Stinger Only Challenge With Matt Fryer & Lloydigolf | Golfing At Monifieth Golf Links In Scotland

we’re here in Monifieth Scotland playing the Monifieth golf course can’t wait to tee it up here we’ve got something special in store for y’all today I’m gonna have a couple others joining in on this video have a challenge today stinger only super cool course here this is actually where Tom Watson hit his […]

SEC Shorts – If marriage was like college football recruiting

Jennifer You are an amazing woman. You have such a huge heart. Yes! I commit! Well. Let’s not jump right into the official ring thing just yet. I’ve actually been holding out for Vicky in accounting. She’s been playing hard to get but I feel pretty good about it. Now that… ..that’s a five star […]

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson & more – Masters Golf Tournament Highlights 2013 Practice

Hey golf fans, it’s that time of year again. Herman Williams here bringing you my annual sneak peek at the 2013 Masters practice rounds so sit back enjoy I’ll be here all day filming we’re right here at the front gate walking in right now Obviously here at the range first thing in the morning; […]

Something Epic Happened For The First Time On This Channel!

that’s how you want to hit driver camera let’s go are you serious that’s an eagle two right there what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day I am back in Nashville here at my home club Nashville golf and Athletic Club it’s freezing had a great time down in Florida got to […]