Our first day in Australia… It’s pretty cold here. Around 10° C. But anyway – it’s winter here. We’ll ride this wheel now. We’re about to buy a ticket now. Let’s check the prices… I just bought a kid’s-ticket. She believed me that I’m under 14 years old. So that means I look like 14 […]

Norwich Hockey – Ask the Fans

I’m here Kreitzberg arena, you’re watching Norwich Television and I’m here with Rich Schneider. What’s the thing you enjoy most about Norwich Hockey? Winning. What do you enjoy most about Norwich Hockey. The goals of course, Jim. Never really watched hockey before I came here, and then I came to Norwich and got really into […]

Our Fans-Why we like horse racing|Middleburg Spring Races

we are so excited to be here at the races today all I can say is clippity-clop clippity-clop To the races! I love the races! As always is it a wonderful day at Glenwood Park and we’re very happy to be here. Happy Race Day I’m having a great time at the races I think […]

The Gift of Hockey – GEICO Insurance

This is nice. Happy anniversary. Is that what I think it is? I don’t know… it’s a hockey stick. There’s more- A puck and skates. Oh Ed… You nailed it! The other one’s in the car! Hockey’s here. The savings never left. GEICO, proud partner of the NHL.

Abandoned Ice Skating Hall Built In 1914 | BROS OF DECAY – URBEX

hey guys welcome back to another video i’m standing here on a roof of a verry special building this is an ice hall and ice skating hall and this has been abandoned for a very long time there’s asbest inside of this place so they lock it up really good but you have our mouth […]

Street Skating in Barcelona – Red Bull Skate Arcade World Final 2014

♪ (techno music) ♪ Skating is just fun. What better place for it than an amusement park? It’s all here, and we’re having fun. We’re all here in Barcelona. One of the best skating spots in the world. An amazing view here, and a sick skate park. The international finals of Red Bull Skate Arcade, […]

Golf Course Etiquette : Driving Range Etiquette for the Golf Course

Hi, I’m Rich Carr from Meadia Heights Golf Club in Lancaster, PA on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to talk a little bit about driving range etiquette or practice range etiquette. I just want to make a point here about the divot pattern here, you can see that this person was hitting balls, and […]

Playing Golf at One of the Finest Courses in the World Sherwood Country Club!

right now I’m in one of the finest Clubhouse locker rooms ever today’s going to be a fantastic day I’m playing in a charity tournament the first two you asked me to come out show you guys around so in case you haven’t noticed we’re at Sherwood Country Club today for the first tee charity […]

Shoji Tabuchi, Branson Missouri at Thousand Hills Golf Course

>>DAN DAVIS, PGA PROFESSIONAL: So Shoji, you have been here, you said you’ve been in Branson since 1981 and you’ve had your own show for 21 years? That’s pretty awesome!>>SHOJI TABUCHI: I came here in 1981, and times have changed, you know, around here! It’s wonderful! This is my 21st year.>>DAN: 21 years here in […]

Golfing At A Top 5 Oldest Course In The World | Golf At Montrose Links In Scotland

good morning morning how are you doing very well glad to be here nice to see you hope you are having a wonderful day we’re out here at the 1562 Montrose course and Montrose Scotland so excited about this today we’re about to tee it up I’m here on the first tee I’m gonna take […]