Epic or Fail LIVE!

– Sometimes I come out here and I show you “Epic or Fail” videos. Usually they’re pretty good and they end really, really great, and sometimes they end with somebody’s pants splitting open. [audience laughter] You people are too smart to try anything like that, right? Wrong. [audience laughter] There are some people in the […]


I’m Jeff Dabe also known as a real-life popeye. I was born with the bigger hand forearms one leg foot. I’ve been to multiple tests they could never give me a direct answer what caused the why. I guess it’s not a lot to make me mad but what I can or can’t do. I […]

In tennis, why is the score count 0 (love) 15 30 40?

The French used to play a game called jeu de paume, which was like tennis but with the palms of their hands The courts were 90 feet long, so each player had 45 feet to play in. When the player got a point they were allowed to move up the court – the first time […]

Super Bendy Teen Fits Body Through A Tennis Racket: BORN DIFFERENT

COMM: 18 year old Yash Shah has been shocking locals with his body-bending abilities. COMM: His extreme flexibility has earned him the nick name ‘Rubber Boy’ amongst friends and family. COMM: Due to his unusual skills, his family were concerned and took him to a doctor to check that everything was okay. COMM: Now his […]

The Biggest Mistake in Golf and How To Fix it FAST!

– There is a major epidemic. A disease in golf that’s most likely affecting your game and you don’t even know it. In my opinion, it is the worst thing in golf today and we’re gonna fix it, right now. (upbeat music plays) (hits ball) Did you see it? Did you see what I did? […]