Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep. 6 – Foals

♫ Intro music ♫Hello and welcome to the latest Rival Stars Horse Racing developer update video. In this episode we’re so excited to introduce you to one of the most anticipated updates of the year! You have bred, trained, and cared for your horses. And now we’re looking to take that to the next level. […]

Antomi Ramos Beach Tennis player – Shark Sport interview about Beach Tennis – 2nd part

The best Beach Tennis player of Spain with best ITF ranking as well. Very good Antomi. Welcome. Thank you. Antomi Ramos started to play Beach Tennis with? Nino Mireles Nino Mireles, and how old were you then? I’ve started with Nino when I was 13-14 years old. 14, 13 years, and now you have? 22 […]

Movie Answers Made Easy | Google App

Suparv, last time we watched your choice of movie, this time my choice. Hello, it’s not about who’s choice, it’s about the movie. Have you watched my movie’s trailer? Looks like a complete entertainer. So? Have you seen my movie’s cast? My movie has the cast from Dangal. My movie’s songs are already a hit, […]

Cricket Answers Made Easy | Google App

Hurry up, it’ll get over. No one knows, the musings of the heart. No one knows, the musings of the heart. The musings of your heart, the musings of mine. Find a better cricket experience on the Google app, with ball-by-ball scores and commentary. Hey Suparv, show me the video.

Subway Surfers The Animated Series – Episode 4 – Stain

Skateboarding and Bieber Fever: Tony Hawk & Scooter Braun on the Power of Media | Google Zeitgeist

>>Sal Masekela: What do you do for a living? >>Tony Hawk: I ride skateboards mostly, yeah.>>Sal Masekela: Right, right. That’s a cool job.>>Tony Hawk: Yeah. >>Sal Masekela: And it has worked out pretty good, a little bit, I think. >>Tony Hawk: Some days are good.>>Sal Masekela: Some days are better. And, Scooter, you — you’re […]

What makes one team smarter than another? | Anita Williams Woolley, Carnegie Mellon University

Thank you. Well, it’s great to be here. I’m Anita Woolley. I’m a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. And I want to start out by just giving you a bit of an intuition for how we got interested in that what I’m going to tell you about. So I’m going to start off by giving […]

Google’s congressional hearing highlights in 11 minutes

Our only witness today is Mr. Sundar Pichai Pichai is the chief executive officer of Google. Chairman Goodlatte ranking women adler distinguished members of the committee Thank you for the opportunity to be here today More than 90% of all internet searches take place on Google or its subsidiary YouTube and they are curating what […]

Afghanistan vs Ireland Full HD & HDR & 4k live cricket On Youtube & Facebook & Google

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