Golf TV Show visits Chelsea Piers and Silverlake Golf Club

♪♪♪♪>>Every golfer has a unique and individual golf life. This show aims to help improve your own golf life. Today on “Golf Life,” we head to New York City and the borough of Staten Island to visit the working man’s country club, Silver Lake Golf Course. Plus, we visit an amazing golf club near Midtown […]

Golf America Visits The Reserve Golf Club in Pawleys Island SC

Coming up next here on Golf America, we’re heading along the Grand Strand of South Carolina this week as we’ll take you around a wonderful, Greg Norman designed golf course. Plus golf fitness coach Mindy Boyson offers up another great exercise routine to help you get fit for golf – and fit for life. And […]

How To Hit A Stinger | The Shot Every Golfer Wants In The Bag

I hope y’all having a great day I’m out here at Nashville Golf and Athletic Club and I am gonna teach you how to hit a stinger and kind of walk through my thought process and how I go about hitting the stinger I’m also going to show you how to hit the big banana […]

How to Swing a Golf Club to Maintain It’s Weight and Force with Mike Malaska

We’re gonna talk about a perception in golf, what people are trying to do. It has to do with lag. It has to do with a lot of things, but there’s one big concept that, what I have seen, has really hurt people. In fact, it really hurt me. When you swing a golf club, […]


♪♪♪♪>>Welcome to “Golf Life,” a show focused on your golf lifestyle. This is Omni La Costa, a beautiful golf resort in Southern California. We’re going to show you everything this place has to offer. Some friends and I — we’re going out to the course.>>La Costa has got quite a history. It opened up in […]

Golf Club Fitting Guide – Factors to Consider When Getting Fitted

– So now that we’ve helped you build up a really good consistent golf swing that hopefully is helping you improve your golf, it’s now important that we make sure that the golf clubs can also help you improve your golf. So when you get yourself a set of clubs we need to make sure […]

Golf Driver Tips: Proper Ball Position to Hit Up on the Ball

Hey golfers, PGA Professional Todd Kolb here with another segment of On the Lesson Tee. Now we all know that one of the most enjoyable shots in golf—of course—is a nice long drive; and in order to do this, I need to make solid contact with the golf ball, and I also need to catch […]


– Welcome, Adam Bazalgette here, a three-time PGA Teacher of the Year. Today’s subject’s a good one. In golf, what is a full shoulder turn? (upbeat music) (club smacks) So, in golf what is a full shoulder turn? I’ll show you what I think it is. And I’ll show you what I think is really […]


– Hi, I’m Adam Bazalgette, two-time PGA Teacher of the Year award winner. Let’s today, talk about golf shoulder turn, let’s tackle that subject. Stay tuned. (energetic music) So golf shoulder turn, let’s check that out today. Let’s look at a little different aspect of it. I’ll show you an interesting contrast with how it […]


– Welcome back to sunny Naples, Florida. Adam Bazalgette here, two time PGA teacher of the year award winner, founder of Scratch Golf Academy, today’s subject, it’s a request from several people, at least we hope we’ll touch on it, golf course strategy, irons. Especially for irons. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) So, golf course strategy, […]