Golf Courses: La Quinta Golf in Marbella

Our guests in La Quinta Golf enjoy one the best resorts in Spain We have a 27 holes golf course Every year we host several European Circuit events We have hosted Senior Masters tournaments for years And a lot of important events of the Golf Amateur schedule We have Protagonistas Proam, a classic game in […]

Franciacorta Golf Club – Buca 6

Here we are at the 6th hole, if all the recall because it is often called the “Hole in the Wall” Par 5 uphill there is a bunker to the right upon arrival Drive the famous wall that may bother the players not for very long second shot there’s a whole out of bounds on […]

The Barbados Golf Club Review

If you want to play golf in Barbados it can be costly especially those marquee courses on the West coast. But if you want something that is fun and challenging and good value you should try the Barbados golf club. The course is well maintained and is still a fair challenge for all. The club […]

What’s inside a Golf Ball?

– Alright, ball number two. It’s got “Titleist 2”, “Pro V1”. That’s a four dollar golf ball right there. We’re going to put that in this clamp and see how it works. So, let’s get it in there. Let’s cut it so the “Pro V1” shows, so that way when he’s doing his project, any […]


What ARE Golf Ball Dimples? | Dolan Life Mysteries

• From why golf balls have dimples to if a football is really made of pigskin, we answer 10 of your most burning questions about sports • Hey there, my name is Shima, I’ll be reading out the questions and answers • I’m Danger Dolan and I’m here to blow your mind with truth 10 […]

Barbados Golf Club

Welcome to Barbados Golf Club, this is a great 72 par hole course situated on the south coast of Barbados. It’s open to the public, it’s family friendly and it’s got some great prices. So make sure you come and bring your clubs and come and play at Barbados Golf Club.

My Titleist: How Justin Thomas marks his Pro V1x

Yeah I just put four red dots around the number. I guess I do red for Alabama. I went to school, there so I choose red for that and red numbers, I guess. But yeah that’s how I mark it, right there. “How long have you been marking it that way?” Um, I used to […]

Mystery Golf Ball in a Block of Wood (

Hey guys so I decided to do a golf ball Or actually a magic golf ball in a block of wood And it’s really in there I promise You’ll amaze Your friends and your family when you show them That you did this yourself stick around for the video And I’ll show you how I […]

Crushing golf ball with hydraulic press

Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel and today we have golf ball for our press and… now we are going to crush it Place the ball here and… It seems that the golf ball doesn’t… have… very good… strength for enduring this kind of press and… it is… quite hard plastic. It’s bit warm after […]