World’s First Smart Golf Ball for Your Putting!

okay so what we have here in my hot little hands is the gen I one which is this ball okay and the gen I want is for your putting inside here is a smart chip it’s gonna give you all your putting stats so stays in the case there’s a little magnet in the […]

How to Stop Topping the Golf Ball | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor

Golf Ball Review of the RealLine X

all right so I’ve had a fair amount of time to play with the real line ax golf ball this is their high-end version and so I’m gonna get into more of a comprehensive review of this ball right now I’m using the real line X polyurethane covered balls I don’t polyurethane cover it’s their […]

Golf Instruction – How To Get That Slow Easy Swing

i am paul wilson and the creator of sewing machine golf in the director of the paul wilson dav school the bears best las vegas missed it talk about developing golf instruction that’s slowly effortless looking dol slash so you all know the one i mean it’s it’s the one but that values guide that […]

Golf for Beginners : Golf Ball Positioning

Okay, so now that we’ve worked on alignment. So we kind of know how to be parallel to the line of flight with our feet and all that good stuff. Now, where do you put the ball? Well, for me, with this sand wedge for example I want to have the club so it’s laying […]

Golf for Beginners : Golf: Killing the Ball

Alright, when I was a little bit younger I would be playing some good golf and then for some reason I’d be start trying to kill the ball and when I started to try to kill the ball then the quality of your swing declines. You get a little tense, you’re using too many upper […]

Golf Swing Tempo Tips : Medicus Golf Club Hitting Tips

OK, now we’re going to hit real golf balls with our Medicus club. So once again, what this forces you to do is to focus because one of the things that golf requires more so than most sports is you don’t have to be a great runner, you don’t have to be able to dunk […]

The Net Return – Pro Series Golf Net

The Net Return is designed for the serious golfer. It is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer.Golfers can now practice everyday in the comfort of their own home, using any club. This includes drivers, irons and even wedges. The Net Return can withstand golf ball […]

GOLF: How To Match Your Grip With Wrist Conditions In The Golf Swing

Hey guys in today’s video We’re going to talk about matching the grip you have with wrist conditions through your swing Based on what grip you have? Do you need to adjust wrist conditions? And how do you do that? So stay tuned I’m gonna go through all that Alright guys, so let’s talk about […]

Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Golf Clubs: 60 Degree Wedges

OK, we’re going to use the sixty degree wedge in this segment and all that means is that the club is very lofted, it’s a very open face so I going to get the ball high with my shot. So it’s not too windy right now so I feel pretty comfortable hitting a high shot […]