GOLF: How To Cure Your Hook For Good – Drills

Hey guys in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to cure your hook for good Alright guys so obviously we’ve done a lot of videos about Shallowing your downswing and fixing the slice and getting rid of over-the-top and and certainly that’s the greater majority of you guys who are watching This but there […]

Golf Lesson – Hitting The Centre of The Clubface

Hi, Robin here. Something many golfers don’t realize the importance of, is striking the ball from the center of the club face. You probably already know that if you don’t strike the ball from the center, the ball goes shorter for sure. But also, non-center hits will affect the direction of your shot, both where […]

World’s First Smart Golf Ball for Your Putting!

okay so what we have here in my hot little hands is the gen I one which is this ball okay and the gen I want is for your putting inside here is a smart chip it’s gonna give you all your putting stats so stays in the case there’s a little magnet in the […]

8-Year-Old Golfer Perfects One-Armed Swing | NBC Nightly News


We’re gonna talk about a perception in golf, what people are trying to do. It has to do with lag. It has to do with a lot of things, but there’s one big concept that, what I have seen, has really hurt people. In fact, it really hurt me. When you swing a golf club, […]

How to address the golf ball easily every time

hey guys my name is Danny Maude head professional here at the Canterbury Golf Club have you ever got confused about the number of things that you have to think about in terms of your setup how do you stand to the ball should your right shoulder build below your left shoulder you know should […]


The Net Return – Pro Series Golf Net

The Net Return is designed for the serious golfer. It is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer.Golfers can now practice everyday in the comfort of their own home, using any club. This includes drivers, irons and even wedges. The Net Return can withstand golf ball […]

PGA Golf Instruction: How to grip a golf club strong vs. weak (Beginner and Experienced Golfers)

Hello and welcome. You’ve found David Franks Golf. I don’t have a tagline yet, but this video is meant to help you with your grip. If you have questions about whether to use a strong or a weak grip, please see my other video called, “How you should grip the club”. On screen now is […]

Golf TV Show visits Chelsea Piers and Silverlake Golf Club

♪♪♪♪>>Every golfer has a unique and individual golf life. This show aims to help improve your own golf life. Today on “Golf Life,” we head to New York City and the borough of Staten Island to visit the working man’s country club, Silver Lake Golf Course. Plus, we visit an amazing golf club near Midtown […]