Can I Shoot Under Par In Scotland? | Golfing At Gleneagles Host Of The 2019 Solheim Cup

all right so before I head out to the course stopping in here for a little lunch I’m eating lunch next to well most importantly Rachel yes however this right here y’all this is the Solheim Cup going to be completing here in less than a month right next month it’s gonna be playing here […]

Lit Par 3 Course | Featuring GM Golf and Andrew Jensen

we’re at the lit par 3 course yes tonight we’re gonna hit the shots chip shots punch everything wedge only I think the longest full is looks to be maybe eighty ninety yards we’re not really sure again the whole course is six hundred yards six hundred euro yards yours yours so we’re gonna take […]

Victoria National Golf Course Fights Humidity with Lexicon™ Intrinsic™ Brand Fungicide

It’s a Tom Fazio design this was a old coal mining facility back in the 30s and 40s The unique thing about this place is it’s never reclaimed when it was done. So when Fazio came in he had an open canvas and Believe it or not if you come out here and visit this […]

Can I Shoot 59 From The Front Tees? | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

hope you are having a great day we are out here at Nashville golf and athletic Club for part two of how low can you go right here is number ten behind me we’re going to be playing the back nine’ from the front tease the front nine I shot 31 five under was off […]

Golf Scramble With GM Golf | Public Embarrassment For Losing Team

every now and then I can putt right what are your thoughts about Matt in general what’s up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re out here at the Junior course again with the GM Golf crew everyone right here behind me we’re gonna do a little 2 man scramble teams it’s me and […]

Hidden Valley Lake Golf Course Hole 5

Hole number five is not long on the scorecard, but is considered to be one of the most dangerous on the course. You have an option of trying to clear the creek that splits the hole, or you can lay up short leaving a long iron to the green your drive requires 250 yards to […]

Making Birdies In Hawaii | Golfing At Hoakalei Country Club On The Island Of Oahu

and you just drove your ball over that lake what was the carry on that 300 what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day I’m out here at Hoakalei at Ewa Beach Hawaii this place is incredible we just got done playing the front nine this place is mint I’m gonna vlog the […]

LaFontaine Golf Club AUCTION | Huntington, IN

Are you looking for the ultimate investment potential? How about owning the popular LaFontaine Golf Club in Huntington, IN. Auctioning in 5 parcels, this 227 acres is surrounded by residential and agricultural property. The club and course are also a piece of history, operating in the area since the 1920s. Huntington County is a charming […]