Several City of Phoenix golf courses suffer revenue losses | Cronkite News

Revenue has been dropping for three years at six Phoenix owned golf courses. Reporter Allison Gargaro visited the city’s Maryvale course to see what the city is doing to chip away at the financial deficit. People began teeing off at the Maryville golf course in Phoenix back in the 1960s. The goal was to provide […]

Poor Man’s Pebble Beach | Golfing in California

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day I’m out here at Pacific Grove California just outside of Pebble Beach I’ve been doing some social media work and some content creation for a tournament at Pebble Beach the last week so so sorry for no uploads but wanting to come out here and […]

How Do You Play Golf? Aggressive or Safe? | Great On The Course Golf Drill!

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re out here at Nashille golf we’re gonna be playing the front nine it is very cold today mid 30s little breezy feels much colder probably low 30s to upper 20s is about how it feels out here before we get into today’s video and […]

Sustainability Initiatives – Golf Course Weather Stations

We are located at the Twin Lakes Golf Course in Fairfax County off of Clifton Road, and we’re here to talk about water conservation and we’re going to do so by speaking about the weather station that was funded and installed here at the golf course. Weather stations optimize the watering requirements at the golf […]

Shalimar ICF Home – Shalimar Pointe Golf Course

Welcome back to Behind the Walls. I’m Jason from JP Carducci Inc. Today, we’re bringing you to Shalimar, Florida. This is our newest lot with our newest ICF construction all brick home. It’s going to be a three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath, with some very luxurious high-end amenities that I promise you will not find anywhere […]

Michigan Golf Courses | A Pure Michigan Summer

[music] the things I love about golfing in Michigan are the variety that you find in the courses, the topography, you can play courses that are on the water, that have views that stretch for over 40 miles, you can play through the hardwoods, you can play through the sandy pines, and you can find […]

FootGolf at Pinecrest Golf Course

So, we’re having our first County FootGolf event Open House for County Employees to come out and try this new, hybrid sport. FootGolf originated in 2008 in Europe and came to the US in 2011 with the American FootGolf League. And if you’ve never heard of it FootGolf is Soccer and Golf combined into one. […]

Tips To Lower Your Scores | My Golf Background

wintery wet rainy conditions what is up you all hope y’all having a great day and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving I did very thankful for the time I got spend with the family we’re out here at Nashville golf today we’re gonna be playing the front nine and answering some questions that y’all […]

Golf Tip – Bump & Run – Donald Clement of The Reserve Golf Club in Pawleys Island SC

Hello, my name is Donald Clement and I’m the Director of Golf at The Reserve Golf Club in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. I’m here to give you a tip of the week and we’ll try to teach you how to bump and run a shot from just off the green here at The Reserve Golf […]