We have Pete Samuels here from PING. We’re inside PING, right? People buy their club custom-fit. We build them here right in the headquarters. Tell me about the process.>>Exactly. So, we have our fitters out around the world. They go out, fit people. They send the orders in to us. We create what we call […]

What’s inside $20,000 YouTube Golf Tournament?

What is the Best Golf Grip?

hi this is matt founder of the mr. short game golf i can’t do it i can’t do it all right there you go i tried to be serious i know i know i just can’t be that golf instructor can’t do it so sorry about that anyways today we’re talking about a golf grip […]

What’s in My Golf Bag? WITB | My EDC | Mr. Short Game Golf Clubs

all right today is going to be an exciting that’s not gonna be that excites sort of exciting well a lot of you been asking for it so let’s go alright thanks for stopping by glad you’re part of the journey a lot of people been asking me what’s in my bag so I’m gonna […]

High Heat Golf Clubs

♪♪♪♪>>My vision was to be able to design golf clubs that were easier to hit, that were easier to launch and more forgiving, longer and straighter.>>I can definitely see why people of all ages, skill types, would love to use the High Heat. It is just a fantastic product.>>Club like the High Heat does give […]

PING Pros Test the G400 Irons

[Christian]: I mean it’s going to go high and it’s going to go far that’s rep terminology, now if you want the engineer terminology he’s going to go into detail. [Marty]: We’ve built on our COR-Eye technology and put in this top rail undercut and the whole secret of how this iron works is the […]

When to Have Your Golf Clubs Refurbished vs. Replaced

When to Have Your Clubs Refurbished vs. Replaced [intro music]>>Nick Jendrejeski: Perhaps your clubs just aren’t providing the same pop they used to. Or maybe they just need a little TLC to have them looking good again. Sooner or later you’ll have to decide whether it’s time to hold onto your clubs or move on […]

Golf Tips : How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball

Being able to successfully use spin while in your golf game, is a very crucial factor. My name is Jared Garbett, and I’m with Echo Farms Golf and Country Club, and today I’m going to teach you how to put spin on a golf ball. You generally want to put spin on a golf ball […]

Golf Tips of Jack Nicklaus & Arnold Palmer : Jack Nicklaus Golf Ball Impact Tips

In this segment I’m going to talk about Jack Nicklaus at impact, the moment of truth, the only thing that really matters, impact. And the most interesting part of Jack Nicklaus at impact is that he was an extremely long hitter by fading the ball, hitting a small slice and hit the ball extremely long. […]

Golf Tips for Practicing at Home : Hitting Golf Wiffle Balls: Driver

Ok. Last, but not least our driver. So, got our little home driving range with our plastic wiffle balls. I’m not going to see how I’m hitting the driver. So, usually if I’m not in a good groove I tend to fade or slice the ball more than I would like. So, this is a […]