Preparing a Golf Shot : Selecting a Golf Club

Okay, now we’re at my shot here, and I’ve got about a hundred and eighty yards to get to my target. So if it’s a perfectly still day, and I’ve got a nice lie, to hit the ball a hundred and eighty yards I might use a five iron normally. Okay, so that’d be a […]

Inside Look: Dunlop’s 2017 LoCo Men’s Golf Club Set

– It’s starting to get nicer outside and the days are getting longer. That means golf season is upon us and whether you’re a new player looking for you first set of clubs or a seasoned veteran looking for something new, check out the brand new Dunlop LoCo Men’s gold club set. Let’s start by […]

Kid’s First Time Hitting Golf Clubs

again Mike Dojc, slinging birdies, it’s a dreary rainy day we are at a baseball diamond because the driving range is closed due to inclement weather too much water so what we’re doing today is looking at an XJ set from Callaway this kid is starting to play golf for the first time I am […]

Golf Equipment: What comes first: Lessons or club fitting?

(Nick Clearwater) Inevitably, every golfer is faced with the decision sometime in their golfing career and that’s when do I get golf clubs? Common questions come up all the time. I’m not very good, should I get golf clubs? I have no experience, do I need to really spend money and get a set? The […]

59 Seconds: Sigma 2 Adjustability

One of our top 3 performance elements on a putter is getting the length right. We know from research that 8 out of 10 players putt better with something other than our standard length. Our standard length is the single most popular length we have at 35″ but most golfers given the chance to self […]

59 Seconds: Bubba Watson’s G400 LST

The G400 Low Spin, the LST, has been great for me because of the shot shapes I want to hit. I’ve always said there’s 9 shots. There’s the low draw, cut, straight. There’s the medium and there’s the high. And so my high bomb has less spin so when it gets to its peak it’s […]

Precise Golf Clubs

We’re at the Walnut Creek Golf Preserve here in Westminster, Colorado, to take a look at Precise Golf. They bring value at an affordable price. The men’s set sets up at a price of $499, and you got the ladies set at $299. They even have sets for $249. Now, you would think at that […]

Golf Club Fitting Guide – Factors to Consider When Getting Fitted

– So now that we’ve helped you build up a really good consistent golf swing that hopefully is helping you improve your golf, it’s now important that we make sure that the golf clubs can also help you improve your golf. So when you get yourself a set of clubs we need to make sure […]

Sigma 2: Adjustable-Length Technology

We know from research that 8 out of 10 players putt better with something other than our standard length. Just by allowing the golfer to adjust to a length that’s comfortable we get an improvement in dispersion control and we know that that will deliver performance results.


– Hi, Adam Bazalgette here in Naples, Florida at the beautiful club at Mediterra. I’m two time PGA Teacher of the Year Award winner and founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject’s a really important one, how to strike irons pure. (upbeat music) So how to strike irons pure, obviously, something we all wanna do. […]