Poor Man’s Pebble Beach | Golfing in California

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day I’m out here at Pacific Grove California just outside of Pebble Beach I’ve been doing some social media work and some content creation for a tournament at Pebble Beach the last week so so sorry for no uploads but wanting to come out here and […]

How Do You Play Golf? Aggressive or Safe? | Great On The Course Golf Drill!

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re out here at Nashille golf we’re gonna be playing the front nine it is very cold today mid 30s little breezy feels much colder probably low 30s to upper 20s is about how it feels out here before we get into today’s video and […]


We have Pete Samuels here from PING. We’re inside PING, right? People buy their club custom-fit. We build them here right in the headquarters. Tell me about the process.>>Exactly. So, we have our fitters out around the world. They go out, fit people. They send the orders in to us. We create what we call […]

Donald Trump Likes 2 And A Half Of Things – Including His Orange MakeUp | All In | MSNBC

Tips To Lower Your Scores | My Golf Background

wintery wet rainy conditions what is up you all hope y’all having a great day and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving I did very thankful for the time I got spend with the family we’re out here at Nashville golf today we’re gonna be playing the front nine and answering some questions that y’all […]

High Heat Golf Clubs

♪♪♪♪>>My vision was to be able to design golf clubs that were easier to hit, that were easier to launch and more forgiving, longer and straighter.>>I can definitely see why people of all ages, skill types, would love to use the High Heat. It is just a fantastic product.>>Club like the High Heat does give […]

Teeshare Golf Club Membership Program

Myrtle Beach, the perfect golf experience! This is Justin. He wants to join a golf club but doesn’t want to pay high membership fees or play just one course. Justin joins Golf Teeshare, a revolutionary membership program that’s only a few clicks away. That was easy! Here’s how Golf Teeshare works. Golfers select a home […]