DEL Winter Game – Ice Hockey Outdoors?!

Ice hockey one of the world’s most popular sports this sports is usually played indoors so what happens when you put ice hockey onto a football pitch let’s find out hi guys welcome to another episode of ultimate bucket lists and my day starts at 6 a.m. tried to get a ryanair flight to Cologne […]

Volleyball Explained: The secrets of the time-out

Go Kart Soccer Battle | Dude Perfect

What’s up guys we’re dude perfect and since the World Cup has kicked off We worked with 23 and me to find out where we’re from. And today we’re gonna be repping those countries in go-kart soccer. Here we go dude perfect The rules of this battle are simple play soccer with go kart Let’s […]

Steffi Graf is the only Tennis player to ever win a Calendar Golden Slam | Throwback Thursday

The Rules of Hockey (Field Hockey) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains The Rules of Field Hockey Field Hockey more commonly known as just hockey, is a game play with two teams of 16 with 11 players taking to the field at any one time. They consist of one goalkeeper three defenders, four midfielders and three forwards. The object of the game is for your […]

Brazil vs germany live stream| Brazil vs germany live streaming football

Brazil vs. Germany 2016 live stream: How to watch men’s soccer gold medal game online Brazil and Germany square off in what should be an absolutely incredible match to decide who wins Olympic gold. The 2016 Olympics men’s soccer tournament has been one of stories. Of Nigeria overcoming a late arrival and numerous injuries to […]

Team GB Win Surprise Ice Hockey Gold in 1936 | The Olympics On The Record

Great Britain is NOT a major team in international ice hockey. The national side has not qualified for the Olympic Games for decades, their last appearance coming in 1948. Since world rankings were introduced in the 1980s, their ranking has never reached higher than 21st. You have to go back to the 1920s and 1930s […]

TOP 10 GOLF COURSES GERMANY 2018 | Ranking Of The Ten Most Beautiful Golf Clubs

This professional-level course was designed by the world-famous Jack Nicklaus. No wonder the European Tour visits regularly. But it comes at a price – the green fee costs up to €150. The profile of the head of a wild boar not only adorns the logo but can also be found in the shape of an […]