Night snowboarding with Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak

When we came here the day before yesterday, we couldn’t believe our eyes. In Bielsko or in Wilkowice, where I live there was no snow at all. We’ve prepared three spots for today. We worked on them yesterday, the conditions for building were perfect, the snow was wet and soft as opposed to today when […]

আত্মহত্যার কারণ ও প্রতিকার || পিতামাতার আশীর্ব্বাদ জীবন-পথের পাথেয় || অখন্ড সংহিতা পাঠ|| শিশির নন্দী

Causes and remedies for suicide Causes and remedies for suicide

Women’s Hockey vs. Princeton – Jan. 11, 2020

From the Bright-Landry Hockey Center on the campus of Harvard University this is ECAC Hockey on NESN. It’s a battle for first place in the league tonight as number nine Harvard takes on 7th ranked Princeton. Angle shot tried for the one timer was Connors wide bounce back still loose and the score . . […]

CAF Story | Retired Pro Hockey Player Reaches for the Stars With the RCAF

I read a passage by Michelangelo. “The greatest fear for mankind is setting your goals too low “and reaching them rather than setting them too high and not reaching the mark.” My name is Jim Kyte. I’m the proud Honorary Colonel for the 76 Communication Regiment. Well, I played professional hockey for 17 years, including […]

Capitan Fischnaller e una squadra di fenomeni dello Snowboard alpino | FISI Official

I started to snowboard at 9. I had a lot of role models. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of Martin Frenademetz and Sigi Grabner I have given my all to try and become like them; a professional snowboarder Things all started a good few years ago now, it was the ’99 season, and […]

Japow – A brothers’ snowboarding trip

Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait This is the movie. I wish I had made Unfortunately, this isn’t really the movie I made So let’s rewind a little bit and take it from the beginning This is my brother Alexis, and this is me For better or worse we’ve been riding together for the past 12 years Getting more and […]


Prismi srl Italy Manufacturer and supplier infill rubber for sinthetic turf. The company is leading suppliers of rubber granulates in sport surfece as infill for artificial grass. The production are made from secondary raw material with high quality process. Mor products have certificate Lab according FIFA requirements. See our web site for choice your rabber […]

S. Korea qualifies for women’s volleyball at Tokyo 2020 after victory over Thailand

Staying with the qualifying blitz for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The South Korean women’s volleyball team clinched their tickets to Tokyo on Sunday,… defeating Thailand in straight sets, three-to-zero. Led by star player Kim Yeon-koung and her tally of 22 attack points,.. the South Korean women’s volleyball team have now qualified for their third straight […]

Jockeys dress up for presidential horse race in Austintown

We sometimes hear the presidential campaign described as a horse race. But never like this. Two jockeys played the candidates today in Austintown — one dressed as Donald Trump, and one as Hillary Clinton in that bright red pantsuit. And if more than a year of campaigning is too much for you… THIS ONE was […]